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Safety Still Imperative when Mowing the Lawn at Home

Important Safety Tips for Every Lawn Mower Owner


Warren, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/29/2014 -- Do-Cut’s Power Equipment Warehouse

The experts at Do-Cut's Power Equipment Warehouse understand the dangers that come with operating any piece of outdoor power equipment. The experts share essential tips for ensuring a safe mowing season.

Mowing the grass is a task performed so often and by so many people that it’s almost taken for granted that injury and property damage won’t occur. Taking a few precautions, and remaining aware that accidents can happen while performing the most routine jobs, in the most peaceful of settings. It may also mean the difference between spending an afternoon sipping something cold, and a trip to the emergency room.

Mower Maintenance

Performing routine maintenance on a mower will not only increase its longevity and make a yard look better, but also reduce the risk of injury and property damage. It’s best to keep mower components clear of debris and grass clippings, especially but not limited to the area around the muffler. This will lower fire risk and allow the mower to operate effectively and with less wear. Other considerations include tightening down loose parts and checking the starter cord for wear and fray. Always disconnect the spark plug when servicing a lawn mower.

Walk the Yard

Rocks, twigs, golf balls and toys all have the potential to become dangerous projectiles when a mower blade hits them at speeds up to 200 mph. To avoid eye and head injuries and broken windows, it’s worth taking a few minutes to check the lawn for hidden items left by the children or last night’s storm. Insect nests can appear over short periods of time, and are often hidden in the ground until disturbed by the noise and vibration of power equipment.

Know Where the Kids Are

Of course, it’s not always easy to keep children exactly where they should be, but staying alert and knowing where they are while using power equipment could keep them out of harm’s way. When the front lawn is being mowed, it might be best for the children to play in the backyard, and vice versa. Children should be taught to have an active respect for power equipment tools and understand that they are not toys.

Choose the Right Apparel

A Kevlar suit won’t be necessary, but there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to donning work wear in the yard. Long pants will help protect legs from burns, cuts, insect bites and other hazards. Wraparound safety glasses or sunglasses are also a good idea. Sun and heat should be considered when dressing for yard work, and appropriate measures should be taken to avoid negative effects, especially for those who are sensitive to those conditions. Open toe shoes or sandals should NEVER be worn while mowing the grass.

Common Sense

Possibly the best safety device is good judgment. Keep hands and fingers on the handle and avoid moving parts and hot surfaces. Shut the mower off when not in use, and remove the spark plug when doing any impromptu maintenance. A mower should not be altered from its factory state in any way, no matter how much it may “enhance” performance.

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