SafetyLabs Launches SafetyLINKTM, an Innovative Personal Safety Device That Allows Users to Send an Alert with Location in Emergencies

SafetyLINK, the world's first Wearable Personal Safety Device aims to raise $20, 000 in an indiegogo campaign!


Ontario, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2013 -- Safety Labs, Inc. today announced SafetyLINK, a quarter-sized personal security device that protects children, women and senior citizens when in danger. SafetyLINK brings the power of Bluetooth, smartphones, social networking and crowdsourcing together to create a safety network for everyone, everywhere. Through an indiegogo campaign, SafetyLINK's goal is to raise $20, 000 to begin production of the device that will protect all members of the family. Anyone interested in preordering these devices can do so here.

SafetyLINK is an industry-first personal safety device that establishes true personal security by leveraging the power of the community using cloud computing. The device provides personal security for children, senior citizens and all other members of the family.

When users press and hold the SafetyLINK button for 3 seconds, the device sends for help to the nearby community and to emergency services. The community helps to find lost children and wandered Alzheimer patients carrying these devices by automatically sending their information to the authorities and device owners. SafetyLINK's automatic fall detector safeguards senior citizens by detecting their safety and automatically calls for help. The automotive version of the personal safety equipment detects accidents and automatically informs 911, as well as the SafetyLINK network.

"SafetyLINK brings both the communities and authorities together to intelligently create a personal safety network," said Sanjay Chadha, co-founder and CEO of Safety Labs.

SafetyLINK comes with easy to use and discreet accessories such as a key fob, a clip-on and a pendant making it easy and convenient to access the SafetyLINK network. The personal safety device works with iOS, Android and Windows Phone smartphones with the Bluetooth capability.

SafetyLINK personal safety device also provides many convenient benefits:

1. Don't ever miss a call - the device beeps to inform when a call is received.
2. Find the lost mobile device - Press the button on the device and the phone rings.
3. Find the lost keys - Click on the mobile App and the key fob beeps until it is found.
4. Don't lose the mobile - Walking away without the mobile the device beeps.

Beginning November 7th , SafetyLINK is engaging in a crowdfunding project on Indiegogo. The campaign will run through January 5, 2014 with the products shipping by early summer 2014.

Pre-order SafetyLINK device pricing starts at $35, and includes complementary accessories, T-Shirt and shipping. The SafetyLINK set is regularly priced at $59 and SafetyLINK AUTO $69. There is no recurring cost and the use of basic app is included. An optional 24x7 monitoring service can be purchased.

About SafetyLINK
In late 2012, mobile technology expert Sanjay Chadha came up with an exciting idea - an idea which makes this world a safer place. The idea lead to the birth of SafetyLINK - a bluetooth device that uses the power of wireless internet, social media & crowd sourcing to create a solution where people protect each other. Sanjay then contacted veterans of the industry Tim Meyer and Yash Talreja, who were sold on the idea and joined the project.

Worldwide safety is a tall order and hard work. SafetyLINK is setup well to embark on this task and needs the participation of the community to make this a reality. Support SafetyLINK, by becoming part of the SafetyLINK network to make our world a safer place.

SafetyLINK can be pre-ordered from its website at

SafetyLINK and SafetyLINK design are trademarks of Safety Labs.

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