Joe Bragg Publicizes the Benefits of Saffron Extract


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2012 -- Weight loss is a growing concern in the western world, with obesity described as an ‘epidemic’ on the one hand –costing millions of dollars annually in avoidable medical costs- and on the other hand, the media heavily promoting healthy lifestyles and placing social value on being ‘thin’ and ‘sexy’.

It is no surprise then that many women, and men, are looking into diets and exercise regimes to try and cut down their excess pounds. Saffron Pure has just launched a website to promote their Saffron extract product, which offers to assist in losing excess weight without drastic lifestyle changes.

Saffron Pure’s website is dedicated to giving consumers all the information they need to make a decision about their product. It features a range menu options that cover the different areas of the site, including an About section that describes the product in summary, an FAQ formed from real questions regarding the product and its use that have been answered by Saffron Pure’s expert team, a Contact Us form to request more information, a Guarantee section that explains the terms of the 60 day money back guarantee, and an Order for those who have made their minds up to give the extract a try.

The home page itself features an extensive introduction and explanation of the product, what it’s composed of, how it’s made, how it works and the benefits users can receive. The formula is presented clearly with high quality imagery, comprising African mango, white kidney bean extract, forskolin, HCA, green tea extract, chromium, and the active ingredient- Satiereal Saffron extract taken from the stigma of the Saffron flower.

In the sidebar, video testimonials from people who have used the product can be viewed so consumers can get real opinions from peers that have tried the product. The product even has its own Facebook page, and its fans are quickly rising, with over one thousand already liking the product.

A spokesperson had this to say, “Prized in Persian and Indian culture for centuries for its health benefits, pure Saffron acts on the same chemical transmitters in the brain that cause you to overeat and crave more food than your body needs. By naturally modulating this response, Saffron works with your body’s own natural chemistry to stop the cravings, and make you feel fuller.”

About Saffron Pure
Saffron Pure is an all natural appetite suppressant made in the USA. It was created to help consumers lose weight with no drastic lifestyle change. For more information, please visit: