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Safian & Rudolph Jewelers President Announces New Professional Jewelry Tips


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- The president and third generation owner of Safian & Rudolph, Richie Goldberg, has recently announced new professional jewelry tips for buyers. As one of the most well known Philadelphia jewelry stores in America’s oldest diamond district, Richie Goldberg knows how important it is to take care of jewelry to keep it in perfect condition. With anything used, worn frequently or on a daily basis, it can wear out. That’s why it is crucial to take special care of the diamonds, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. whether it is cleaning or just for safekeeping.

Richie Goldberg explains how to take good care of their Safian & Rudolph Philadelphia engagement rings. In order to take good care of the precious diamond that symbols the unconditional love in a relationship, the safest place to keep it would definitely be on that left hand. This way it won’t get misplaced. However, when it is not on one’s hand for any reason whether it may be work or going to bed, it is smart to consider placing that beautiful diamond engagement ring back in the pretty little box it came in. Most of the time, many jewelers will provide a felt box when purchased to keep that precious stone tucked away until it is time to pop the question. As one of the most well known jewelry stores in Philadelphia, many professionals at Safian & Rudolph understand that not everyone wants to use that same box, so Richie Goldberg suggests buying a separate jewelry box for that particular ring or multiple pieces of jewelry.

A lot of people overlook that by going to the gym, lifting items, or doing chores around the home that can easily scratch jewelry. Owner of Safian & Rudolph Richie Goldberg suggests removing it before partaking in these tasks that way it will keep the diamond looking brand new. If one happens to have browsed or bought a Philadelphia engagement ring, they should know that it is important to examine and take a close look at that diamond ring. That diamond is the symbol of the engagement and Richie Goldberg suggests taking a closer look at each prong to make sure it is securing the diamond in place. By stopping at Safian & Rudolph, their professional jewelers will be able to secure any loose prongs as this is such a simple fix. By keeping that diamond ring shining its brightest, a quick cleaning too it will allow the lucky owner to keep it looking beautiful. Richie Goldberg, owner of Safian & Rudolph Jewelers is pleased to share these professional jewelry care tips with their customers.

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Safian & Rudolph Jewelers is located in America's oldest Diamond District, one block from independence Hall, on the corner of 7th and Sansom Streets. The family owned business has an endless selection of diamond rings, earrings, precious gems and fashion jewelry. They display the latest trends in jewelry that features hundreds and thousands of all styles whether they are antique or traditional.

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