PR Agency Encouraging Finns to Switch to Smart and Green Energy Solutions


Helsinki, Finland -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2016 --, a free-to-use online portal where Finnish citizens can find the best electricity deals and contracts, recently started advocating for smart electricity and green energy. The portal owners have now started a campaign through their website to promote green energy and smart electricity. They told the press that this was a much needed action as increasing use of fossil fuel could very soon deplete the planet of its non-renewable resources.

"From the requests for quote that we receive every day and the overall market data suggests that green energy and smart electricity are getting more popular with each day passing. This shows that people are gradually getting conscious about the adverse effects of fossil fuel, which is a good thing", said Jaakko Nieminen, the administrator of the online portal run by Sahkonkilpailutus, a Helsinki, Finland based company.

"The automobile industry is going to undergo a sea if change and the government have planned to completely eliminate need for private cars in the country by 2025. Automated cars and cars that are fuelled by more eco-friendly energy sources are soon to become the only vehicles that anyone can buy or drive on Finnish roads. In this situation, switching to green energy and smart electricity seems a sensible decision", added Jaakko.

He also said that users of their web portal can easily find green energy and different types of electricity deals offered by different contractors in their respective areas. For doing this, the users of the website need to select the type of home they reside in, specify the average electricity consumption in kWh/year and get tailored quotes straight in their mailboxes.

Jaakko added that for getting quotes from the green energy suppliers and different contractors in the area, users don't need to pay anything extra since they have active partnerships with the electricity sellers and suppliers across Finland.

About is a Helsinki, Finland based company that runs a web portal for consumers interested in comparing electricity deals for choosing the best one.

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