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SAHomeBuyers Announce the Launch of Noordhoek Property Sale website

SAHomeBuyers have launched a new website which provides a valuable resources for prospective buyers of properties in Noordhoek, Cape Town.


Noordhoek, Cape Town -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2012 -- SAHomeBuyers announce the launching of a new on line resource that provides prospective property buyers in Noordhoek with in-depth information about the area, Noordhoek property for sale and all the local amenities.

SAHomeBuyers Managing Director Marco Garuti explained the thought process behind the new site:

“SAHomeBuyers is very different to a selling agent. We only represent buyers of property and as such we wanted to supply these prospective property buyers with a completely different website experience. One that adds value to their search process and not just an endless list of properties for sale.

SAHomeBuyers service has always realised that when buying a new property there is so much more for the buyer to consider than just searching and securing the actual bricks and mortar. Important factors such as the local amenities, the schooling and the community are all issues that must be taken into account.”

SAHomeBuyers website differs from selling agents sites as it focuses on the research that prospective buyers need to carry out and not just a list of Noordhoek properties for sale. By visiting the site you can access information in areas such as the Noordhoek vibe and community, schooling, restaurants, shopping and lots of local attractions.

Garuti continued “Property buyers realise that this is one of the largest emotional and financial investments that they are ever likely to make. It's essential for them to gain as much information on all the properties for sale in Noordhoek , whether listed via estate agents or being sold privately. They need to know the good, bad and ugly of the location, the area, the amenities as well as the actual property itself”.

SAHomeBuyers offers a unique service to prospective property buyers. As Cape Towns leading property buyers agents, it acts unashamedly in the buyers interests. They stock no properties for sale and never act for a seller of a property. This means buyers can rely on them for independent expertise and access to the whole marketplace.

Garuti explains the process “If a prospective buyer is looking for property they are normally faced with the mountainous task of searching hundreds of websites, scouring through printed media, contacting a large number of estate agents and spending their precious family time at weekends driving round showhouses that may be totally unsuitable. By contacting SAHomeBuyers, a buyer can access the entire marketplace with just one phone call. We undertake a thorough 'fact finding' exercise to ensure we have a complete understanding of the buyers needs and we search according to this criteria. We arrange all viewings and give buyers unbiased advice as to the merits and pitfalls of any potential purchase.”

As SAHomeBuyers are not retained by sellers of property, buyers can enjoy a non pressured environment in which to search and secure a Noordhoek property for sale. Furthermore, buyers will enjoy their professional negotiation skills when it comes to making an offer. With in-depth experience of the property market in Noordhoek and an array of industry tools, SAHomeBuyers can boast an enviable track record in saving their clients substantial amounts of money.

Garuti also explained the better protection a Noordhoek property buyer enjoys via SAHomeBuyers:

“The offer to purchase agreement is integral to ensuring the buyer is legally cared for, it contains all the relevant clauses and conditions that the purchase will proceed on. If this is completed incorrectly, or applicable suspensive conditions not correctly inserted, it can and does, cause significant issues for the buyer. All offer to purchase agreements are vetted by our retained attorneys, importantly, from a buyers prospective. Should the sale proceed, the same attorney will also inspect the title deeds.”

Summing up SAHomeBuyers service Garuti concluded “With SAHomeBuyers the prospective purchaser of Noordhoek property benefits from a better search, independent counsel and expertise, excellent price negotiations and legal protection.”

Asked about future plans for the site. Garuti replied “We are very excited about, we are already enjoying over 1000 page views per month and will continue to ensure the site is up to date with relevant information. Our plan is to role out many more of these area specific websites for the benefit of prospective purchasers.”

To view the site you can visit

SAHomeBuyers have been working with Noordhoek and Cape Town property buyers since 2006. The many satisfied clients they have assisted to a successful conclusion are testament to their success rates and professionalism.

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