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Saints Computer Introduces Apple Service to Keep Products Tuned to Ideal Levels

Saints Computer specializes in repairing broken and malfunctioning iPhones and other Apple devices, and has introduced the Apple service to tune devices to work optimally after heavy use.


Istanbul, Turkey -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/30/2014 -- Apple devices are known for their outstanding design and capabilities, but like any other piece of technology they are capable of going wrong, and even experience catastrophic failure. In these cases users need to take them to a repair center and this can take many weeks. Saints Computer do things differently, and will repair a product while the user waits, so they never need to let their phone out of their sight. To add to this outstanding service, they now offer an Apple Service option which helps devices run optimally after heavy use.

As with any computer, Apple devices will slow down after heavy use. This is because apps and internet usage arrange temporary data and convolute the hard drive, making it difficult for processes to happen in a streamlined fashion. The new service will enable users to take their iPhones, iPads and Apple Macs to the store to have them working at full speed again in no time.

The iPhone Servis and Apple Servis packages are now available, and offer a rare opportunity to see inside the device as the expert technicians deconstruct the product to clean all the circuits and essentially valet the product while checking for errors, so it is returned as slick as it was when brand new, and without voiding the warranty.

A spokesperson for Saints Computer explained, “We understand that optimal function is an important to power users of these devices as fixing catastrophic errors is to everyday users, so we have three and six month service packages or customers can simply drop in having made an appointment to have their phone optimized for performance, making sure it is capable of operating at the highest possible speeds and the hard drive is ideally organized, data backed up, and information safe and secure. Call now or visit the website to book and appointment.”

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