SaintyCo Is to Introduce IMA Technology Dosator Capsule Filling Machine in 2017


Zhejiang, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2017 -- SaintyCo, the leading manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical and packaging equipment, today announced that they will introduce IMA technology dosator capsule filling machine in 2017. This comes after the company had introduced over 5 dosator capsule filling machines - the SaintyCo Z-series.

"At SaintyCo, we are committed to develop and create dosator capsule filling machines through R&D, while focusing on consistent improvement and innovation to meet the specific needs of consumers," said Tony Zeng, SaintyCo Export Manager. "Together with our global partners and technical team, the new dosator capsule filling machine will guarantee high production output, precision and accuracy; with cGMP and CE requirement being a priority."

Introducing this new dosator capsule filling machine in 2017 will complement the various innovative solutions SaintyCo has adopted in the modern Z-series encapsulators.

The key features of SaintyCo dosator capsule filling machines include:

Patented design and technologies; these include double-row dosator, aspirating bow and unilateral vertical movement. These ensure a high level of accuracy and precision during capsule dosing process.

Modular design; this is for easy changeover and adjusting capsule filling equipment to meet the dosing requirements. It allows for adjusting dosator independently.

Vacuum systems; both vacuum cleaning and vacuum suction (for filling pellets) are integral part of the SaintyCo dosator machine.

Varying production capacities; this ranges from 20,000 to 180,000 capsules per hour.

Number of capsules per cycle; it varies depending on the production capacity of the dosator capsule filling machine.

Automated systems; SaintyCo has adopted a number of automation systems. These include the industrial PC Operating system and SIEMENS PLC.

Through these, all functions of the capsule filling machine are automatically controlled. Users can key in commands or monitor operations through the touchscreen human machine interface (HMI).

Combined dosing; the encapsulating machine can dose powder, pellets, tables or a combination of any two.

As soon as the new dosator capsule filling machine is available, SaintyCo clients will be notified via email. The machines will also be available for purchase from the company's official website.

Clients can also buy the Z series from the company website.

About SaintyCo
SaintyCo researches, designs and manufactures foodstuff and cosmetic machines. These include tamping pin and dosator capsule filling machines.

For over 15 years, SaintyCo has expanded to over eight factories that deal in capsule filling, blister packing and film coating machines, amongst others.

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Export Manager: Tony Zeng
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