Saladmaster Cambridge UK-3SM Health Solution Ltd Is Pronounced the Best Cookware Company

Saladmaster: Best Solution for Nutritional Cooking


Cambridge, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2013 -- When any food is cooked in a household, the ultimate goal is to offer optimum nutrition to all the family members. Therefore its very essential to follow healthy cooking methods, use healthy cooking oil and include more and more fresh green vegetables, whole grains, fresh fruits in daily diet so that the diet becomes a real healthy diet and people are supplied with all the essential nutrients and vitamins for a healthy body. Saladmaster Cambridge UK- 3SM Health Solution Limited is a company that for more than 67 years is ruling the cookware industry giving a tough competition to all its competitors by manufacturing the most advanced and dependable cookware systems that can foster healthy cooking in every household worldwide

This company had begun its journey far back in the year 1946 with Harry Lemons and it then was known for only one kind of product, the world renowned Saladmaster machine, a slicer plus shredder. Today it has revolutionized the cookware & kitchenware industry with its vast array of technologically advanced products that will not allow the essential nutrients to get lost from the food when cooked in it. The approximate nutritional retention % of food cooked in Saladmaster cookware is as high as 93% (Dept of Food Sciences, University of Wisconsin). The company dedicatedly engages in ceaseless product research to come up with the best cookware in the market.

“With our Saladmaster cookware, people for sure can cook a diet that is nutritional in every way and definitely they can say no to ‘bad diet’. Bad diet is a diet that is high in saturated fat and low in nutritional value. Today’s fast-paced modern lifestyle compels people to get enticed by bad eating habits. But food cooked in our Saladmaster cookware which is a unique 316Ti cookware is a no oil, no butter, greaseless and waterless food that supports a healthy living, keeping fatal diseases and health issues like diabetes, cardiac problems, high blood cholesterol, obesity, allergies, arthritis etc at bay” says a team member

About Saladmaster
Saladmaster is the premium example of cutting-edge cookware technology; i.e. the 316Ti technology that is a power-packed combination of 316 high quality stainless steel cookware with Titanium. This type of technology allows even heating of the cook-able items through induction heat transfer. People can save a lot of money as well as conserve huge amount of energy by cooking in Saladmaster. If people become a Saladmaster dealer they’ll have promising career opportunities and income opportunities to change their life altogether.

“Saladmaster 316 Ti Titanium Cookware has helped me do healthy cooking for kids daily!” says a happy mother. For more info or to contact Saladmaster or to book dinner party visit the site

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