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Sale by Owner Becoming the New Norm

In what is reminiscent of a scene from Rocky, a small real estate company website in Australia has socked it to some of that nation’s largest property portals.


Sydney, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- The real estate agency PropertyNow has broken with tradition to offer Australian residents a new way of selling which they refer to as “agent assisted’ This is basically an amalgam of selling that’s part real estate agent sale and part for sale by owner.

While fsbo selling already has strong traction in both the United States and in many European countries, it has been slower making an impact within Australia where using a real estate agent to sell had always been sacrosanct.

With the fallout from the GFC and a slowdown in property price increases, many Australians have sought a more favourable and less costly way to sell a house. Enter the private sale portal PropertyNow which helps people to sell their own home with zero commission while still providing the support, advice and backup of a qualified real estate agency.

What makes the private property portal even more intriguing is that it has refused to be pigeon holed and has continued its long standing support of real estate agents at the same time as it assists private sellers.

The company Director, Mr Andrew Blachut has stated publicly that PropertyNow is not at all seeking to convince people to jettison agents as a selling option but rather to provide balance to those seeking the DIY house sale route.

“We don’t tell people how they should sell a property, we just give them access to the very best tools to use for whatever method they choose to pursue.” Mr Blachut explained. “For many people a real estate agent remains the best option to use when selling, while for others private selling is a viable alternative” he added.

The key methodology of the 9 years old service is that it provides the private sellers who are its clients access to the largest property portals in the land. These portals had once been the domain of agents only however in a landmark battle in 2010, the small property portal battled against the News Limited majority owned, so as to make certain that private sellers would have fair and equal access to that portal.

The access had previously been denied to for sale by owner property sellers, but the playing field has since then, finally levelled out somewhat.

The PropertyNow portal is currently listing hundreds of private sale listings side by side with many thousands of real estate agent properties.

About Property Now
PropertyNow is a real estate agency and property portal situated in Coffs harbour. NSW.Australia. The portal developed Australia’s first ever Agent assisted Sales Model

Author: Darren Peterson
Media Liason Officer - Next step Media.

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