Saleh Pirastefar and Team Seek Crowdfunding via Indiegogo to Develop the M.A.D Satellite Project

First-of-its-Kind Early Warning System Can Save Lives By Alerting People of Looming Natural Disasters Like Earthquakes, Tsunamis and other Catastrophic Events Before they Hit.


Nantes, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2014 -- Saleh Pirastefar was inspired to start the M.A.D. Satellite Project after he survived a devastating 7.3 magnitude earthquake in Van, Turkey in 2011. As a firsthand witness to the sheer destruction around him that leveled nearly a thousand buildings, killed hundreds of people and left nearly 40,000 people homeless, Pirastefar wanted be something more than an innocent bystander.

Climate change is happening and is causing chaos all over the world leading to the loss of human life. From tsunamis to earthquakes (like the earthquake in Northern California that just happened) to hurricanes like Superstorm Sandy, thousands upon thousands of people have their lives turned upside down in the destructive aftermath. The injured and the dead suffer but so do the survivors; they find their lives ruined through the loss of their home, their business and all valuable property.

The M.A.D. Satellite Project will change all of that by delivering urgent early warnings of impending natural disasters before they strike. Even just a few precious minutes of advanced warning can save countless lives, perhaps preserve the most cherished belongings and quite possibly save millions if not billions of dollars in losses.

Structured in three parts, Saleh Pirastefar and his team plan to launch a satellite to monitor developing environmental events, an app to warn people of impending disaster and an ambitious plan to turn back the tide of climate change and heal our planet.

The goal of the crowdfunding project is to bring MAD Satellite Project services to the public.

This flexible funding project will end on October 24, 2014.

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About The M.A.D. Satellite Project
The team consists of a panel of scientists, engineers and environmentalists providing a powerful collective of knowledge and expertise to take M.A.D. Satellite Project from inception to launch and 24x7 operation.