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Salehoo Review ... Could It Be Really Worth the Cash?


Orcutt, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/17/2014 -- One vital aspect of finding wholesale distributors or drop-shippers for user’s ecommerce or eBay business is finding sources that they can trust. Sources that will deliver the genuine goods that people ordered in a timely manner. Some of the problems business owners may encounter are:

Wholesalers who take the money and don’t ship the goods.

Wholesalers who don’t respond by phone or email/act dodgy.

Drop-shippers who don’t ship to the customer on time (or simple don’t ship)

Wholesalers who ship people fake or knockoff goods (importing fake goods is illegal and can get people heavy fines or even land them in jail!).

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Getting into any one of these situations can be frustrating and scary and may even be damaging to one’s business. Many people might have heard about Salehoo and wondered how they can help or if they’re even any good at what they say they do.

What Is Salehoo and How Can They Help?

What Salehoo does is they make it easy for users to find genuine, verified wholesalers and drop-shippers where the bad ones have been weeded out so that users won’t run into problems.

Salehoo has a growing database of over 8000 wholesalers, drop-shippers and manufacturers from all over the world that deal with all types of wholesale goods.

Salehoo maintains the database and provide support for members. It’s like having additional help with running one’s eBay business – they have a forum and even educational material users can use to build their business.

Is Salehoo Worth It?
Like it is mentioned before Salehoo is a great resource for finding genuine and verified wholesale distributors and drop-shippers.

The thing many users like about their database is that they have eBay power sellers who are already doing business with these wholesalers to go through the database and review them. They also secretly conduct business with these wholesalers to weed out the bad ones and verify the good ones.

Salehoo also lists future trade shows where users can also find wholesale sources. Most people completely ignore trade shows but these can be some of the best sources along with trade magazines.

Another great reason why this is recommend Salehoo is that they offer great support should users run into any problems. There are real knowledgeable staffs that will respond to user’s queries in a timely manner and the member forum is actually a really good knowledgebase where users can see other people’s experiences and even confirm that a similar source they are looking for works.

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In addition, if users are now starting out on eBay or looking to grow their eBay business or find success importing and selling goods in other online marketplaces or even offline, Salehoo has an educational section where users can learn the ropes.

So even though people are using Salehoo to find wholesalers and drop-shippers there is a whole lot of other value being presented which is a good reason to get a membership?

Salehoo is an exclusive web based program that is specially designed to help entrepreneurs that are interested in selling and trading. The program has everything that an individual needs before starting his own online business like contacts, tools, tips and guidance.

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