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SaleHoo Review - What Is Salehoo and Is It Worth Joining?


Orcutt, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/10/2014 -- If anyone have been looking for wholesalers or drop shippers online, or are building a reselling business on Amazon or eBay, then they have probably heard about Salehoo. Sometimes referred to by eBay resellers as their ‘secret weapon’, Salehoo is a searchable directory verified wholesalers, drop shippers, manufacturers and liquidators - with over 8,000 suppliers in 100 countries and 100,000+ registered members.

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What is Salehoo?

First of all - what do people get for $67 (the current membership fee)?

- Lifetime full access to the directory - where users can search for verified wholesalers, drop shippers, etc. by product category or by product name.
- There are over 8,000 suppliers with about 1.6 million products available on the site at any one time.
- Access to community forums (over 100,000 active members).
- Market research tools - highlights the best selling and most profitable niches and products - this really is worth a closer look.
- Training and guides - there are a lot of guides (written and video) for those looking for how to find low priced products, research a good supplier, sell on eBay at a profit, etc.
- Blog - with weekly tips on high profit and popular items to sell
- Customer support - email and telephone (free phone) support, which includes advice on what to sell and help finding suppliers of the product people are looking for (they will do the research for people if they ask). They will even do more background research into a supplier if one asks.

At this point, it’s probably worth a comparison - Worldwide Brands (another similar directory) costs $299 and DOB (lists drop-shippers only) is $59.95 a month. So Salehoo is pretty good value.

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What’s good About Salehoo?
Price - Salehoo is very good value compared to its competitors. The Salehoo directory is just as big and includes many of the same suppliers as similar directories. The $67 fee (which comes with a 60-day money back guarantee) is for lifetime full membership - so there are no monthly fees either.

Size - Salehoo has over 8,000 different wholesalers, manufacturers, drop shippers and liquidators listed (all verified to weed out scams). These suppliers have on offer about 1,600,000 products - which users can search for and compare using the Salehoo member’s area.

Easy to use - Users can search by product category or product name. They can also contact suppliers directly through the member’s area. Compare products from different suppliers - compare price, delivery options, etc’ all at once.

Market Research ‘Lab’ - great if people are stuck for ideas or looking for the most profitable niches and products to sell.

Guides and Tutorials - includes guides on what sells best on eBay, beginner eBay sellers guide, how to find the best drop shippers, how to get buyers/traffic to one’s listings/store, etc.

Support - both email and telephone (free phone 800 number) support is available to all members.

Suppliers are verified - all wholesalers, drop shippers, manufacturers and liquidators are screened and reviewed by Salehoo. There are also reviews from other users who have used them - like on eBay.

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Are There Any Bad Points?
There are certainly some things Salehoo lacks. Salehoo is an extensive and easy to use directory of high quality and low priced suppliers from around the world - it’s good value and very useful for someone looking to buy items cheap and resell them.

There are some drawbacks though.
- There are more extensive wholesaler directories out there - Worldwide Brands is an example (they have about 10,000 suppliers compared to Salehoo’s 8,000). WWB is much more expensive though - at almost $300.

-Not all suppliers will offer products cheap enough to resell on eBay for a profit – Many users have noticed at times when eBay will have an item listed for less than the wholesalers on Salehoo. This isn’t the case for the majority of products though - Salehoo’s core users are eBay re-sellers, so there are a lot of products that will people can buy from Salehoo suppliers and sell online at a profit - just don’t expect everything to be cheaper (it takes some research to find a good deal).

-Most suppliers are in the USA - about 70% of them. While there are suppliers in over 100 countries, over 90% are in the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

-Most of the training is aimed at those who want to sell online - on sites like Amazon or eBay. This is fine if this is one’s aim, but there are not many guides to selling offline.

Salehoo - In Conclusion
Salehoo is a good buy for someone who is looking for a large number of verified whole or drop shipping suppliers - their database is extensive and easy to find what people are looking for, . Also, compared to what else is available a one off price of $67 is very good value (as long as one can afford it).

Salehoo is an exclusive web based program that is specially designed to help entrepreneurs that are interested in selling and trading. The program has everything that an individual needs before starting his own online business like contacts, tools, tips and guidance.

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