Sales and Income Soar with Seven Secrets of Superselling


Valrico, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- With an aim to helping sales persons across the globe make the most out of their endeavors, Michael B. Hickland has released his newest book, Seven Secrets of Superselling, which will be available in online stores.

Seven Secrets of Superselling is a compilation of the best tips for sales representatives that will help them uncover the needs of customers, address those needs, and most of all, keep the said customers loyal to the brand or product.

The traditional mentality on sales was that all a sales person needed to do was approach a potential customer, explain the benefits of a product, and make the sale. However, in reality, things are much different, what with customers getting more knowledgeable about sales pitches and brands. To that effect, the modern sales representative has to be more aware of their pitch, as well as environment, to make their presentation.

With so many competing brands in the market today, making a sales pitch doesn’t end with a sale. In order to keep a customer happy, sales representatives have to find ways to keep the customers loyal. A business can only thrive where it assures its customers of continuing good service and quality, and in doing so, it fosters a sense of loyalty that eventually leads to lifetime customers. While a business will work hard to ensure that the products/services meet the expectations of customers, it is up to the sales representative to do most of the ground work; cultivate meaningful relationships that will keep customers coming back to the same brand.

It is with this in mind that Seven Secrets of Superselling aims to educate the modern salesperson. The information is tailored to ensure that the reader gets helpful tips and advice on how to make it in a cut-throat sales market. The ebook covers selling tips in a few themes, namely: super selling tips to uncover customer needs, 7 super secrets to get customers for life, relationship selling secrets to keep clients, super selling secrets for building client loyalty, and sales secrets for winning lifetime customers. Through Michael B. Hickland’s own personal experiences, you get to see why the named elements are very essential to sales success. The most productive way to ensure continued sales is by fostering strong relationships with your customers. As such, Seven Secrets of Superselling focuses on how you build rapport and friendships with potential customers from the very first meeting. By exploring each theme in-depth, you get to understand the intricacies of successful sales pitches, and what successful sales persons have done in order to stay ahead of the pack.

As reviewer Ed Pierce puts it, “There is so much helpful information and advice in this book that a class could be taught around it … If you are into sales or thinking of becoming a sales person, this book is a must read as it will have a big impact on your sales.”

About Michael B. Hickland
Michael B. Hickland is an award winning sales manager, having for over 20 years worked with companies such as Xerox, Xerox Medical Systems, OCE Business Systems, Phillips Medical Systems, HPI Healthcare Services, and Premier Pharmacy Management. Except for the latter two companies in which he worked as vice president of sales and marketing, all his previous stints resulted in his recognition as the top sales manager in the United States. Michael B. Hickland has since retired from sales, and Seven Secrets of Superselling is his way of teaching others the secrets he learned over the years.

Seven Secrets to Superselling sells at only $3.99, and is available at the following outlets: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Kobo Books, Scribd, Copia, eSentral, Gardners, and Baker & Taylor. Also, visit Michael’s blog for more information.