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Sales Leads in Become the Focus in New Marketing Guide to Social Media


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2013 -- Ever since the day the first guy who made good in a horse-trade told someone else about it, discovering sales leads has been an important part of gaining customers. The Internet does not change the importance of sales leads. Customers still consist of flesh and blood, need to be reached, approached, aroused and sold.

Kurt Lucien's new book, "Web Marketing For Small Business," focuses on the primary essence of a business's social media presence - sales lead, and how to make the most of social media's sales leads generating possibilities over a 30 day period. Lots of marketers talk about funnels and conversions as if numbers fall out of the sky like snow, and all you have to do is hold something to catch the numbers, and the numbers magically melt into money. Such talk neglects the fact that it's still people buying your stuff, no different than the day of the first horse-trade.

"Web Marketing For Small Business" takes the position that what a business looks for in social marketing, whether one calls it by another name, is sales leads. And the book goes on to break down Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, YouTube and blogs, demonstrating the unique possibilities of each to generate sales leads.

Author Kurt Lucien begins his book by pointing out, "The book is designed to show you which tools to use, and how they will help you bringing in more sales leads, convert them and keep them as customers." The book contains several useful lists Kurt Lucien has created of social media presence superstars, business social media to watch and emulate in a quest to successfully and demonstrably generate sales leads from social marketing.

Those interested in learning more about Kurt Lucien's sales leads discovery techniques are encouraged to visit his website at http://www.kurtlucien.com, where they'll find not only his new book, but be able to connect with Kurt Lucien and find an array of blog articles covering many aspects of marketing.

Kurt Lucien
New York, NY