Sales of the Sweetspot Trainer Expected to Rise in Preparation for the Ski Season

There is a 'sweetspot' on each ski; a place to balance, a place to be. Every skier's number one priority is to find this place.


Haydock, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- Summer is coming to an end which means skiers around the UK are booking their winter ski holidays. SkiA Designs Ltd. is the producer of the Sweetspot Trainer, which has quickly become an essential piece of kit for avid skiers. They help people of all skill and experience levels to prepare for the slopes. The product has received universal acclaim from experts within the ski industry. SkiA recently opened up orders to countries as far away as Australia and New Zealand, where the skiing season is already in full flight. Sales in the UK are now expected to rise as skiers prepare for a winter on the slopes. “The Sweetspot Trainer is an essential tool for every serious skier at any level.” Chris Fellows, Author of Total Skiing.

The training device has become popular thanks to a low price and amazing results. The blocks are simply attached to ski boots and can be used indoors, even on carpet. They allow skiers to find their “sweet spot”, thus improving balance. The Sweetspot Trainers help users to develop better control skills. They allow skiers to stay “ski ready” throughout the year.

The Sweetspot Trainer comes with four different sized blocks. These range from beginner to expert level and ensure that all skiers can benefit from using them. They have also been used by skiing professionals undergoing rehabilitation, as they help to exercise the muscles used when skiing.

SkiA Designs Ltd. is the creator of the Sweetspot Trainer. The company is located in the United Kingdom. Their website can be found at where more information can be found, including a free ski performance ebook. The Sweetspot Trainer can be purchased from the website in the UK and abroad. It can also be found in a growing number of ski supply shops.

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