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SalesPartners Singapore Launches Champion Level Goal Setting Course in June


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2012 -- Businesses everywhere are in dire straits; with a slowing economy and both business and retail clients reluctant to spend, it’s getting very difficult to survive, let alone experience growth. As the few businesses left standing aggressively compete for what little custom is left in the market, many firms find it difficult to see a way forward. Employees and self-employed people are feeling the same vibes and are bracing themselves for a tougher life. From wellness to self-development, from technical training to setting up a new company – people need to be strong in body and mind to be successful these days.

Luckily, leading sales and development consultancy SalesPartners Singapore may just have the answer. Well-known for providing cutting-edge strategies by which businesses of all types and individuals have managed to innovate and grow, SalesPartners has recently announced an upcoming educational event hosted by leading industry figure Angelika Dahmen.

Realising that both, individuals and businesses have trouble setting appropriate goals and then staying on task, SalesPartners created a special master class on the topic appropriately titled as the Champion Level Goal Setting course, available in Singapore during June.

When asked what attendees can expect from the program, experienced consultant Angelika offered a comprehensive response. “Our Goal Setting programme is designed to remove the negative thoughts - forever. It will replace them with the RIGHT thoughts so people can drive results into all areas of their life – in record time. It will leave people truly motivated to achieve these goals they were hiding or procrastinating to accomplish. Programme participants will also be given a step-by-step plan that propels them towards achieving their goals, aspirations and dreams.”

SalesPartners Singapore has a well-established track record of creating meaningful, effective educational opportunities to those at every stage of their business career, from those in entry level positions to executives and business owners. In speaking on the Singapore arm of the successful business, Angelika Dahmen offered a simple reason to explain the success of her team. “SalesPartners Singapore have a successful track record in helping small and medium sized business owners with struggling businesses and losing customers to their competitors,” No wonder more businesses in Singapore and all over the world are turning to the dedicated staff at SalesPartners.

So for those who want to see massive changes in their lives and their business not just survive the current business climate, but flourish, it’s easy to see how the goal setting program offered by SalesPartners Singapore is an opportunity not to be missed. Led by one of the most successful and experienced business coaches in the industry, Champion Level Goal Setting is a must for those looking to step up in 2012.

About SalesPartners Singapore
SalesPartners Singapore is a business coaching and consultancy firm specialising in empowering businesses to set and achieve impressive commercial goals. Angelika Dahmen is a business coach and consultant with over 25 years experience in the industry, something which she will bring to bear for the recently announced Champion Level Goal Setting program set for June 2012. For more information, visit http://www.salespartners.com.sg