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Saliva Drug Testing: Premier Provider of Oral Drug Test for Corporate America Shares Why It's the Best Method

Saliva Drug Tests From Drugs Testing America Grow in Popularity With Staffing Agencies and Human Resources Directors


Jamestown, RI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2017 -- Over the last decade and a half, Drug Testing America has risen to become a national leader in providing a safer drug-free workplace. A premier provider of oral drug tests, there's a reason this business has made its way to the top and it's summed up in three simple words: saliva drug testing. Also known as oral testing, saliva testing has proven time and again to be a better testing method overall and one that countless Human Resources Directors, Safety Managers, and Occupational Health Professionals trust in ensuring that a workplace that is drug free.

A few of Drug Testing America's trusted top-of-the-line products include UScreen PM Oral, Oratect HM-15, Oral Cube, and UScreen PM Oral 10 Panel. Every one of these brands and particular kits offer unique advantages for whatever most suits a company's needs.

Some of the special advantages these products offer include the following:

- Best Performing Oral test to detect THC (Delta-9-THC) and Opiates.
- Easy to read & convenient for administrators.
- Lowest Cut-offs.
- User-Friendly and Non-Invasive.
- One step process with No Mess (easy as taking temperature).
- Built-in saliva indicator.
- Rapid results within five minutes.
- Secured specimen, no substitution, no adulteration or gender observation.
- Up to ten drug panel options including alcohol.

The benefits of going with an experienced company such as Drug Testing America – who offers top brands and services to match them – include increased productivity, an expedited hiring process, reduction in workers comp premiums, reduction in lab fees, and avoidance of collection fees.

"Saliva drug testing is nothing new, but not as many companies are as privy to it as one might think," shared Drug Testing America President Jack Gardiner. "We believe it is important to educate folks out there on what methods for testing for drugs in the workplace work best and, as such, sharing the effectiveness – both in terms of cost and time – of saliva testing is essential."

To learn more about Drug Testing America's services, visit drugtestingamerica.com or call 888-356-2444 today.

About Drug Testing America
Drug Testing America is a worldwide supplier of state-of-the-art oral drug testing products specializing in saliva drug testing systems. The products they offer are designed to detect and prohibit drug abuse in the workplace. Drug Testing America serves Corporate America with cost-saving solutions to the ever-challenging problem of drug abuse in the workplace.