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Sally Symonds Reveals - 50 Steps to Lose 50 Kg ... and Keep It Off


Sherwood, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/15/2013 -- “The mind is really important – everyone knows what to do, they just don’t know how to stick to it. My book tells you what I did that enabled me to lose 53kg and keep it off.” Sally Symonds

Alarmingly, 95% of people who lose weight eventually regain it. Sally Symonds knows what it feels like to get to the point where you can’t ignore your weight any more. Like most, she knew how to lose weight, eat better and exercise more – the difficult part was actually doing it and sticking to it.

Her inspiring new book, 50 Steps to Lose 50kg…And Keep It Off reveals how she initially lost 45kg in 33 weeks, maintained that weight loss for over five years, and then went on to lose even more!

“My book outlines the exact steps I took and the changes I made – to my food intake, exercise and mind – in order to transform from the food obsessed, exercising loathing workaholic I was then to the food loving, exercise loving, work balanced person I am now,” Sally said.

“I didn’t do anything gimmicky. I didn’t set goals. I didn’t make myself accountable to anyone by announcing my intentions or getting myself an exercise buddy. I devised my own interpretation of portion size and I DID reward myself with food along the way. I broke all the rules (including the one about how quickly you can lose weight and keep it off), but I did it. And others can too.”

In 2002 Sally wasn’t just overweight, she was morbidly obese and after a series of events she put the chocolate down and decided her life needed to change.

As a successful professional, lack of confidence wasn’t the issue for Sally; her career was all that mattered and she was far too busy for health and fitness. However, after investing so much in her career, when Sally was turned down for a promotion she was devastated.

“I was working all the hours under the sun which meant I had no social life. My long-term partner and I separated because I was always at work. I didn’t get the promotion I had worked so hard for and I knew I was dangerously overweight,” Sally said.

“The final push came when a family friend died from a preventable cancer and someone commented that they could have changed their fate if they had wanted to. I sat there and thought it’s not too late – I can change my life, and so I did.”

Sally’s book is a truly inspiring step-by-step account of how she lost over 50% of her initial bodyweight and downsized from 106.5kg to 53kg. Her tips and tricks are innovative yet practical and achievable and work the body and mind to achieve a balanced, fitter and healthier end result.

Throwing out all of the traditional weight loss rules, 50 Steps to Lose 50 kg…And Keep It Off, provides a self-paced approach to weight loss and navigates the reader through every step of the process. There are no faddy meal plans, no 24/7 exercise routines and no magic shakes – all you need is yourself, the book and the mindset for success.

Sally Symonds is available for interview

50 Steps to Lose 50 kg…And Keep It Off Sally Symonds

About Sally Symonds
Below – 2001:
Sally on her way to being her heaviest at 106.5kg with her speech and drama students. Sally Symonds has many strings to her bow – healthy life mentor, motivator, speaker, corporate consultant, company director and more. Sally grew up on a cattle property outside of Mackay, so she can also ride a horse, shoot a gun and drive a bulldozer if she needs to! At the age of eight, Sally went to boarding school at Rockhampton Girls’ Grammar. She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree, Honours in English Literature from James Cook University and a Masters Degree from the University of Queensland. Sally also studied and taught Speech and Drama and in 2002 was awarded the Rhoda Felgate Memorial Scholarship enabling her to study accents and dialects with the legendary Bill Pepper, Head of Voice at NIDA. Sally now lives in Brisbane with her husband Steven Ace who played Australian schoolboys rugby league in 1981 and later played for the Canberra Raiders, London Broncos and Gold Coast Seagulls. Steven has also lost a massive 42 kg since meeting Sally. They have a fur-kid named Naughty.

Below – now: 53kg.
Sally is now one of Australia’s leading health, fitness and weight loss experts. She arms people with whatever it takes to inspire, motivate and educate them to embark on their own healthy life journey. She is one of the few healthy life educators with first hand experience
in weight loss and in July 2010, launched her own online healthy life club at

50 Steps to Lose 50 Kilos...And Keep It Off includes tips such

- Identify a ‘get out of jail free’ food (see page 2)
- How to transfer strategies for success in other areas of your life
across to your weight loss project (see pages 25 -27)
- How to switch from a non breakfast person to a breakfast person
(see page 42)
- Use a technique called anchoring to make exercise a ritual
(see pages 57-58)
- What pushes your buttons? (see pages 61-63)
- How to push through a plateau (see page 75)
Sally Symonds is available for interview

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