Saltori Personal Growth System Followed by People in 140+ Nations

Mental health specialist Andy Shaw reveals how a healthy attitude towards self-improvement can hugely benefit an individual's sense of wellness.


Henfield, West Sussex -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- Andy Shaw's innovative self help Saltori Thinking System has actually been hailed all over the world as 'a life-saver', 'an absolutely amazing tool', and 'the one thing every individual on this planet requires in their life'. This genuinely tailored mental development system teaches users how to dissolve the negativeness surrounding them, and obtain a more favorable outlook in everyday life.

Peter Halm, speaking on behalf of Andy Shaw at a recent interview, mentioned: "The single best way to discover any system is to surround yourself with it. You want the audios to be on repeat any place you travel, and you want the books to study the methods at your very own pace."

He continued to state that the system had been constructed around the needs of users, and after comments from thousands of readers, Andy decided to launch the system in a multitude of media types. "If you wish to get the best absorption of the material," Halm explained, "then the ultimate method to do it is to get the video course 'Success Made Simple' too. Alongside the audio and the books, these videos will provide you a much deeper understanding, and allow you to put the system to great use with extraordinary effects."

Shaw's system has now been put to good use in every continent worldwide, and has gotten evaluations from over 140 nations. One customer, P.W from the UK, said of the system: "I'm basically here to simply give a recommendation about this system. Since 1980, I have actually been looking at personal growth, and I've been reading books ever since then. Even though they have actually been fairly intriguing reads, I've never been influenced to put them to good use. Shaw's books have actually altered everything. Everything else had failed, and these books were my last shot. I read the first few chapters totally free of charge on his site, and I haven't looked back since. They've absolutely improved my life!"

Shaw's website is home to a wealth of totally free resources, including chapters of his books, videos and audio snippets, in addition to character tests and inspirational reviews.

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