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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2016 -- Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky is widely regarded as one of the best law firms in the United States when it comes to representing construction workers who have been injured or killed. Their personal injury attorneys are committed to finding justice through the American legal system. For people who have experienced the wrongful death of a loved one or a catastrophic injury, Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky is here to help and fight for their clients' rights. Along with handling personal injury cases for construction workers, this law firm also uses medical malpractice lawyers in Philadelphia, PA to handle cases dealing with medical mistakes.

The team of medical malpractice attorneys in Philadelphia from Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky have successfully handled hundreds of cases for their clients. A cardinal rule of medicine is, "first, do no harm," yet an estimated 100,000 Americans die every year because of medical mistakes made in hospitals alone. Often, the wronged patients don't realize they have been victimized by avoidable medical errors. Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky can help right such wrongs, as they focus on medical mistakes such as delayed diagnosis of cancers, serious heart conditions, and other significant illnesses, birth trauma injuries or death, and hospital negligence.

Those looking for a medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, and New Jersey are encouraged to turn to Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky. They have settled more than $200 million worth of medical malpractice cases for their clients in the past decade. Some settlements include unnecessary back surgery for $1,800,000, stroke due to delayed diagnosis for $1,500,000, and negligent hospital discharge for $285,000.

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Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky is a law firm that offers personal injury lawyers in New Jersey and Philadelphia. The attorneys at Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky have achieved some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the history of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They also represent construction workers who have been injured or killed.

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