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Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky to Investigate Faulty Radiator Case


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2017 -- Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky, a law firm that offers personal injury and car accident lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, and other local areas, is set to investigate the cause of an accident in an apartment in New York that happened earlier this month. On December 7, 2016, two young girls were killed while they were sleeping because a radiator popped a valve in the apartment and filled their room with steam. The law firm looks to bring peace and justice to the now homeless parents, who are seeking answers.

Danielle and Peter Ambrose, parents of the children, recently released a statement saying, "We are stronger knowing people join us in mourning the loss of our daughters and share our desires to do whatever is possible to ensure that no other family can ever experience this kind of unimaginable pain." Donations have been flowing in for the parents through two GoFundMe pages.

Relatives of the family blasted the city for placing the couple and their daughters in a building owned by a notorious slumlord. The lawyer of the Ambrose family, Robert Mongeluzzi, said that the couple is determined to find out why their daughters died. He said that he and his team will use every investigative and litigation tool at their disposal to get to the truth for the Ambrose family, their friends and the people of New York.

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