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"SaluSafe" Is Now Available on BlackBerry Devices


Mississauga, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Crypto Heaven would like to inform everyone that SaluSafe program is now available on BlackBerry devices in addition to Android and Desktops.

Blackberry devices have incredibly few competing products available. As a matter of fact, we believe that none of these accessible products offer such high degree of safety by means of strong cryptography. This product is also unique because it provides hosted solution so if a mobile device is ever lost or stolen, none of the encrypted messages reside on the device. Another unique feature is that it transparently manages encryption keys, making it very easy to use.

With SaluSafe, users can send their email and files in total privacy. This is done by means of encrypting online files and emails on the laptop or mobile phones prior to sending them out. Meaning, no one unintentional, not even the maker of this program can read the encrypted files and email. CryptoHeaven source code is freely available and hosted on GitHub for everyone to verify.

SaluSafe has the utmost degree of commercial safety. It is also a cost-efficient means to obtain HIPAA readiness, a perfect means to send medical records, legal documents, transcribed documents, and other classified business documents. This is also a great solution to providing shared online access to confidential data and files.

Those who want strong security for their online documents and files can rely on SaluSafe. In fact, many healthcare experts and agencies already utilize SaluSafe to send patient records, medical transcription information on clinics, clinical data and hospital and lab records.

This is also perfect for securing clients and attorney privilege without the stress of setting up a costly and elaborate encryption system. Every year a lot of individuals are negatively impacted because of compromised safety on the behalf of negligent companies. On a daily basis, customers use this program as the solitary way to send important reports. Securing clients and company privacy is the key to keeping a good business reputation.

About SaluSafe
SaluSafe is a product from CryptoHeaven Corp which has been developing secure email software and services since 2001. CryptoHeaven Corp is incorporated in Commonwealth of Dominica and hosts its secure servers in Canada.

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