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Sam Glenn, the Attitude Guy, Shows That Employee Engagement Doesn't Have to Cost a Dime


Celina, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/01/2013 -- Sam Glenn, known as "The Attitude Guy™," and #1 recommended keynote speaker on attitude proves that employee engagement doesn’t have to cost a dime.

With disengagement costing organizations billions of dollars annually (according to Gallup and others), organizations are scrambling to do more with less. “Many invest in expensive surveys, consultants, or new CEOs to bring more of that stuff they call engagement,” states Glenn. “The problem is, they don’t know that it all starts with something a lot simpler: our attitude.”

Glenn—an award-winning speaker, author, and entrepreneur--believes that engagement doesn’t have to be so complicated—or expensive. He teaches groups how the simple power of attitude can transform a culture and bottom line—in less than they pay for a stick of gum.

Over the past 15 years, Glenn has become the number one authority on the subject of attitude—having spoken to Fortune 500 companies like Walmart, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, IBM Retail, and AT&T.

But like most transformations, Glenn experienced trials and tribulations along the way. His story, like many, isn't about the success; it is about the empowerment he received through the journey. It was at his lowest of lows that opportunity came knocking.

After a devastating business loss that left Glenn completely hopeless, homeless, and without direction, a chance meeting changed his fortune and that of thousands of others. One evening, as Glenn visited a restaurant, he literally knocked over his destiny--in the form of Zig Ziglar. Not knowing who he was, the two struck up a conversation that would change Glenn’s course forever. Glenn called that evening’s conversation a "Kick in the Attitude." It’s no coincidence that this later became the title of his bestselling book, which has gone on to inspire thousands worldwide.

As Glenn continues to inspire the masses, he focuses on a core passion: attitude. As Sam states, “Attitude is the one priceless—yet costless—resource you have which controls everything from personal and professional success to relationships, health, fitness, wealth, or just by living by your own design. And what many organizations have the opportunity to understand as they try to do more with less is that everything—including engagement--starts with attitude.”

Glenn believes that 2013 is a time of tremendous opportunity in creating greater employee engagement—and it all starts with attitude awareness, and alignment to goals. Glenn’s message is clear and simple: in order to increase the potential of your company, increase the bottom line, and drive customers, you must empower and engage your employees. With that, he offers his 2013 keynote and training series, "Five Leadership Lessons to Boost Employee Engagement." As Sam states, “This is a driven and empowering series that every company needs to tap into. The true testament of success lies in how a group responds to adversities. It is our attitude that will keep us moving forward when the world is telling us to give up.”

For more on attitude awareness or Glenn’s 2013 programs, visit or call 800-818-6378

Michelle Arnold