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Samadhi Healing Arts Announces Increase in Services to Accommodate Rising Need in Area

Thai massage and reflexology services provide alternative to traditional health care reports


Gainesville, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2015 -- While certainly a massage is relaxing, an increasing number of studies are showing hard evidence of the benefits of massage therapy. According to recent research released by the American Massage Therapy Association, massage enhances the immune function in pre-term infants, decreases blood pressure in senior citizens and reduces stress and anxiety in cancer patients of all ages. Furthermore, an increasing percentage of adults are pursuing Massage as an alternative therapy to address a number of other health issues. In fact, among those surveyed, 75% claimed their main reason for receiving the massage was for pain or stress related, and 50% stated their doctor indeed, initiated the process.

In fact, in the Gainsville area, massage therapy, as well as reflexology are on the rise, says Nina Lombardo, owner of Samadhi Healing Arts. "Individuals in today's society face a number of stressors at work and home, which lead to hypertension, heart problems, poor eating habits, type two diabetes and a number of other conditions. Through Thai massage, people can take a pro-active step toward a healthier lifestyle without popping pills for every health issue. Because of this, we have increased our services to include not only traditional Thai massage, but Ayurvedic Massage, Marma Point Therapy, Energy Work, Private Yoga Lessons, and a number of other offerings."

Thai massage reduces an individual's stress levels and improves their overall circulation. Massage therapists accomplish this through gradual movement of the person through various yoga-like positions, enhancing flexibility and allowing a greater range of motion. Says Lombardo, individuals who have a larger range of motion and flexibility are less likely to trip and fall, suffering debilitating accidents. She goes on to say the slow movements are beneficial because they allow the mind and the spirit to slow down and realize a true form of relaxation. "Thai massage centers an individual so stressors will not affect them to such a degree. This will helps in leveling out blood pressure levels. By centering oneself and reducing the reaction to stressors, a person can reduce the occurrence of heart problems."

Reflexology is another area Lombardo has seen an increase of interest in recent years, having been shown to reduce pain, according to documented research in over 27 studies of research of individuals of all ages and health stages. States Lombardo, "Reflexology can aid recovery after surgery, reducing pain and lessening the use of post-operative analgesics, reduce depression and anxiety, and compliment cancer care to aid in reducing nausea, vomiting, and anxiety from chemotherapy."

About Samadhi Healing Arts
Owned and operated by Nina Lombardo, this graduate from Florida School of Massage is certified in Thai Massage and has completed additional training in Thai Foot Reflexology and Thai Herbal Bundle Therapeutics among other specialized courses. She is a practicing herbalist with a focus on native medicinal plants. With a deep appreciation for plant allies, she believes in their ability to bring health and wellness to the body and mind, providing consultations on ways in which plants can contribute to a healthy life.