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Samarakan: Young Author Raises Vital Awareness for Domestic Abuse via 3-Volume Comic Book.

Hoping to provide hope and solace for those running away from abuse or personal problems, author and illustrator Lexee Crystal Harris has released a powerful series of three comic books. Hailed by critics as potentially life-saving, her story is set to resonate with thousands of people around the world.


Eagan, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2013 -- While millions of people speak openly about lack of self-esteem and domestic abuse, others choose to deal with it privately. Wanting to help anyone in need, author Lexee Crystal Harris announces a powerful series of three comic books.

Tackling self-image and domestic abuse head on, the first two volumes of ‘Samarakan’ boast raw and compelling plots.


Volume One: Set in post modern India, Nadia Chadish is finally being wed to a man she's never met. Her marriage was arranged and she wasn't happy about it at all. Sadly for her, all of her thoughts about him were true, and her newly found husband, Pahud puts great effort in ruining both her life and their marriage. Forced by the respect for her parents and her culture, Nadia has no choice but to stay put in a loveless relationship...but when she meets a man who shows her her true value, she puts both of their lives at risk to discover what it is to truly be loved.

Volume Two: A new life in America was all she had ever dreamed about! Yet, in America, Nadia finds herself surrounded by a life she feels she can never have. As John tries to comfort his new friend, Pahud is already scheming a plan back in India to make sure Nadia does not go unpunished for the humiliation she had caused him...Now, Indian authorities are involved, creating an International Disaster!

Volume Three: In an epic conclusion, we find John and Nadia dodging police while at the same time, trying to figure out what it is they are so afraid of. Nadia pulls together some great courage and decides that now is the time to finally stand up to Pahud.

As the author explains, she hopes her books prove a saving-grace for millions of people in need.

“This story is important because it deals with self-esteem and domestic abuse. It's the story of a woman who is trying to run away from her problems, when all she needs to do is face them,” says Harris.

She continues, “The story also sends a message of hope to people who are in situations where they feel like they are running away from a problem.”

With stunning illustrations also provided by Harris, her unconventional format has been praised by critics for its alternative take on the traditional self-help book.

“There are plenty of books out there with dry information-based narratives. I impart my information via a thick plot and illustration. I feel this makes the advice less obvious while still keeping it as the books’ priority. This is vital if people want to stop being forced to feel like victims and instead be empowered to stand up and make a change,” she adds.

With demand for the books expected to increase, interested readers are urged to get their hands on a copy of each volume as soon as possible.

‘Samarakan’, published by Crystal Publishing Company is available now, in three volumes: http://amzn.to/11CGufv

For more information: http://www.lexeecrystal.com/

About Lexee Crystal Harris
Lexee Crystal Harris is an aspiring actress, model and singer. She currently resides in Eagan, Minnesota.