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Samsung Galaxy F Can Be the Company's Flagship Phone for 2014

Unlockunit gets the feel that Samsung Galaxy F could be Samsung’s flagship device in the year 2014


Bacau, Romania -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- Samsung seems to be passionately disposed towards creating the best in smart phones. First, there was an ardent urge to initiate the Galaxy series to gratify the spirits of the gadget lovers and now there is an unfailing commitment towards producing a new and flagship generation of Galaxy phones in the year 2014. If the rumours are to be believed, the South Korean electronic leader is fervently working to produce a new range of super-premium smart phones, to be tagged as the Galaxy F series, in the early part of 2014, either in conjunction with Samsung Galaxy S5 – which is awaited in March - or as a sequel to it. As for unlockunit.com , its going be a very a busy year ahead it seems, for unlocking these 2 devices and increasing user-activity and phone value for the customers.

Apparently, it seems that Samsung plans to cut down on the time intervals that usually space the launch of new gadgets on the company’s top product range. The new strategy might also be a well-planned out scheme to leave its competitors way behind in the market, worldwide. UnlockUnit is already all geared up to unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 series with genuine breakthrough codes and with so much of buzz going around that the Galaxy F is also around the corner, it is taking preparations to unlock this possible, premium flagship of Samsung alongwith.

The focal point of the Galaxy F , as reports state, is going to be an attractive and durable metal design that none of the smartphones made by other phone leaders like Apple, Sony and HTC have till date come up with . This envisaged high-class devise will possibly be the hottest that the company has ever produced, with a host of powerful elements included in it like top-notch hardware configuration, octacore Exynos processor, 16 megapixel camera, image stabilizing features etc.

A company representative of Unlockunit says, ‘Samsung, it seems, is all set to stage the launch of its Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy F anytime now and we have also taken preparations to make the phones more extensively usable’. So yes, it’s time to wait with bated breath for the gadgets to arrive as unlock codes are only a click away.

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