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London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2013 -- The wait for Samsung Galaxy S4, the next best thing from Samsung is getting shorter by the day and customers are getting anxious by the hour. As soon as the phone hits the market, experts predict a mad rush which will give rise to increased contract prices. To beat this and to save customers from inevitable disappointment, Mobile On the Net has come with amazing Samsung Galaxy S 4 contract deals. The best thing about these deals is that they are available for pre ordered phones.

This way those interested can get their hands on this coveted phone and, also get to benefit from the low prices using Samsung Galaxy S4 contract deals. The market for contract deals is based on customer loyalty which is slowly becoming a luxury for manufacturers. Today, customers are found to switch networks just like that. Owing to the ‘same number facility’ and easy switch options convenience is no longer an issue for customers who want to get what they deserve.

In other words, the market for phone contracts is now dictated by what a customer wants. Mobiles On the Net is on a mission to help all those in need for better service look for the most suitable plan using the Samsung Galaxy S 4 contract deals.

A customer with a pre order can look for plans based on network, text requirements, talk time, free internet usage and so on. Mobiles On the Net has made a lot of effort in making sure customers are down to the tee when it comes to picking a plan they think will fulfill all their requirements. To know more about the latest on Samsung Galaxy S 4 contract deals and to subscribe log onto

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