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Samsung Introduces New Smart Refrigerator


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2013 -- There is a gadget for just about everything these days, or so it seems. The latest exciting development on the market is from Samsung-a Smart Refrigerator which will do just about everything and ensure that you and your shopping lists are as organized as they can be.

The T-900 is a revolutionary apartment refrigerator which will help you to stay organized and ensure you never run out of that crucial ingredient. It will be available in the Spring of 2013, with a surprisingly reasonable price tag. The T-900 weighs in at 32 cubic feet, and features four compartments-you get to decide how much freezer space you want, and the rest is configured into a fridge. This extraordinary refrigerator can be linked to any of your other gadgets that runs Evernote (the highly popular list making and reminders app), meaning that you can share information, photographs and other applications.

Never run out of milk again; with the Evernote technology you can sync your smart apartment refrigerator with your mobile, meaning that you will get alerts reminding you of items you are running low on. By linking it to your smart phone, your partner or anyone else living in your house can make a shopping list on the T-900 and it will be sent to your phone, meaning that you can get your bits and pieces in good time.

An apartment refrigerator that helps you do the shopping is one thing, but this fantastic toy has other features too-with a small screen to display weather and a calendar you will find your life is organized for you. Your children will be able to use the calendar feature to plan their activities and appointments too, as the technology is so easy to work (let's face it, the kids will probably figure it out faster than any adult)! You don't have to forego all your lovely photos and reminders which are traditionally pinned onto the fridge-you can share photos on the high quality screen for keeping your memories. Easy and simple to sync with other technologies, the T-900's app screen allows you to select memo writing; day to day planning; shopping lists and recipes-and much more.

As well as all this snazzy technology it should be noted that the Samsung smart fridge will also perform to your highest expectations of a refrigerator, being economical and state of the art. It is able to support a number of apps, including Epicurious-perfect for those moments when you stare despondently into the fridge, searching for ideas on what to cook. Epicurious will produce recipes for you when you input a list of the ingredients you have, making it ideal for those of us who need a little help and inspiration at dinnertime!

Samsung's innovative apartment refrigerator will not only keep your food cool and fresh, it will also help you to manage your time and shopping lists effectively. What more could you want? Sadly, it will not make you a cup of tea (but it will remind you to buy the milk)!

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