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Samuel Wells Releases Booklet to Answer Life's Toughest Questions


Anaheim, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- Samuel Wells read the first to the fourth chapters of Genesis and had many questions. He wondered to himself, "Is there another side to this story?'  He wrote down 94 questions before he began writing his booklet, If Eve Had Said No.

The booklet was based on one of the most important questions that came to mind as Samuel read the story of Creation: "What if Eve had said 'no' to Satan?"

This booklet is Samuel's answers to the tough questions asked about the story of Creation, such as "What should we think of Eve and her part in the fall? Why are there so many religions and different beliefs? What does this life mean? How does the Bible tell the story of the world from beginning to end? What is the true Church in the New Testament? Why did Christ die? Why do people put "dufus" ideas on God?"

The booklet also includes a Plan of Salvation chart:

Mr. Wells is a Bible student who has spent a great deal of time studying the Scripture. He has attempted to answer many of the questions that have continued to puzzle Bible students for thousands of years. His look at the plan of Salvation and its relationship to the story of Creation will provide students of the Bible with answers to difficult puzzles.

For those who are seeking answers to the meaning of life and the true plan of salvation, this booklet offers hope. Available at or at his website . The booklet is nine chapters long.

For $18, customers can purchase the booklet as well as the rights to make copies for distribution in Sunday School classes, among prayer groups or to others as part of a witnessing campaign. The purchase price also includes the booklet Save $thousands$ on Cars, a candid look at how to save money on cars and repairs.

For more information about the booklet or order directly, go to

About Samuel Wells
Mr. Wells is a retired shop teacher who has a passion for studying the Bible. He writes about difficult questions related to Creation and the plan of salvation as described in both the Old and New Testaments.

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