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San Antonio, TX Personal-Electric-Scooter News: The Leader in Personal Green Transportation, Salt Lake City Based Lyric-Motion, Announces New Improved Reliability Features for Their Premium Transportation RNG3R Electric Vehicle


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Operating at just $.0025 per mile, the LYRIC RUN3R is a personal transportation vehicle purpose-built for practical light personal commuting. Designed to provide reliable, safe, fun and convenient zero-emission personal transportation, the RUN3R is the perfect alternative to less-efficient modes of transportation used for short distance trips such as getting to work, school, or just running to the store. This personal electric scooter comes equipped with a 500 watt front hub motor to accommodate different levels of ridership needs, terrain types and load capacity.

Rugged, reliable and energy-efficient, the LYRIC RNG3R is all about fun. Powerful and nimble enough to take you pretty much anywhere you want to go, the RNG3R handles rough terrain with ease. Its high ground clearance, maneuverability, portability and rock solid frame makes it as good for mild off-roading as it is for running to the store. This rugged 3 wheel electric stand up scooter is the right combination of wallet-friendly affordability, planet-friendly efficiency and sense-of-fun-friendly awesomeness.

With enough total power to travel up to 25 miles/40 kilometers on a single charge (at speeds up to 20 miles/32 kilometers per hour) the LYRIC PTV is powerful, portable, easily mastered, and perfect for anyone who desires to reduce their “carbon footprint” all while they stay on the move.

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Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 USA
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Available with 500 watt electric hub motor integrated into the front wheel, the LYRIC is powered by lithium-ion-phosphate-batteries which are optimized for voltage use and rapid charging. Self-adjusting dual hydraulic disc brakes and articulating rear suspension ensure maneuverability and control. The rugged, lightweight folding frame allows for portability and durability.

LYRIC MOTION: Josh's Testimonial

Beautifully designed, smartly engineered, rugged and reliable, LYRIC PTVs offer the benefits of much larger and less efficient electric scooters or vehicles at a fraction of the cost in both ownership and operation. With base models available starting at $2,349 and energy costs running just pennies per mile, the LYRIC provide highly efficient personal mobility regardless of application - from commercial/industrial and military/security to personal off-roading, golf and light commuting.

Offering speed, range, power and maneuverability, LYRIC PTVs provide affordable and dependable green energy transportation that just makes sense.