San Clemente Self Storage - Introducing the Car Storage Check List


San Clemente, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- San Clemente Self Storage, a self storage facility in San Clemente, California, has recently created a Car Storage Check List to help you get your car prepared for long term vehicle storage. Non-use of a car over a long period of time can cause many problems if you don't take the proper steps to protect it. The tips outlined in the Car Storage San Clemente Check List are not only intended to protect your car while it is in storage, but, it also outlines ideas on what you should do when you re-start the vehicle after its long storage stay.

According to Steve Gardner, the General Manager at San Clemente Self Storage, “we have seen the good - the bad - and the ugly regarding car storage, so we decided to create the Car Storage San Clemente Check List to help our tenants protect their cars”. Most of the suggestions made in the Check List are common sense, but, it never hurts to be better prepared. Here are some samples of ways to get your car ready for long term car storage:

1. Change all of the Fluids – Make sure they are fresh and clean prior to storage
2. Add Fuel additive to the Car’s Gas Tank
3. Do not leave the parking brake on – brake pads can get stuck to the brake disks
4. Take out the Car Battery – It will lose its power from non-use
5. Put a oil pan or the similar under the car in case it leaks
6. Get a Car Cover – Breathable


Dust, dirt, pests, temperature changes, and direct sunlight are the enemy of your car while it is in non-use. San Clemente Self Storage is a very clean storage facility that offers your car the opportunity to be stored in a fully enclosed storage unit (free from the sunlight) and the storage facility is protected by a security system that includes 24 hour camera recorded surveillance electronic personal coded gate entry system.

Other benefits of storing your car at San Clemente Self Storage include:

- 15% Off Car Storage San Clemente Rent Special
- Rental Prepay Discounts - Prepay 6 months or 1 years’ rent in advance
- Military Discounts
- Beautiful Facility and a Great Location – Ocean and Golf Course Views

About San Clemente Self Storage
San Clemente Self Storage has been in the business of renting self storage units since 1999. As a result of the fact that San Clemente Self Storage facility has numerous exterior drive up storage units, which are easily accessible for vehicles, car storage has always been in high demand at the storage facility. The fact is that San Clemente Self Storage has rented hundreds of storage units over the years for the use of car storage.

Through the years, a lot of people have been sharing their testimonials and reviews to the San Clemente Self Storage website saying how pleased they are with such an excellent quality of service that can surely be trusted without any doubt and problems. Click here to get your free copy of the Car Storage San Clemente Check List now. If you have any questions about self storage, call San Clemente Self Storage at 949-366-1133.

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