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San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney Helps You Make an Informed Decision


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Understanding the signs of being in a bad financial situation where making ends meet, repaying debt and paying the bills is a challenge, can be one of the fundamental steps of making a fresh new financial start. Law Office of Steve F. Bliss, Esq. San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney has developed a dedicated page on his website to help people understand the though financial situation they are in, consider the option available to them, deliberate the step of filing for bankruptcy and the types of bankruptcy available to individuals. The information available on the website aims to help people make an informed choice and seek the professional help they need to get through this difficult financial phase towards the journey to recovery.

The website outlines the various telltale signs which clarify the type of financial situation people might be in and if filing for bankruptcy is the next logical step. The warning signs that may make a person eligible for bankruptcy include the inability to cover monthly bills, using payday loans to meet basic obligations such as food and gas, also getting sued by collections attorneys.

Juggling bills and being able to make only partial payments, having absolutely no emergency funds or savings. Furthermore, being threatened with foreclosure or car repossession, having all credit cards maxed out. Finally, experiencing relationship problems due to financial stress may also be an important sign that appropriate financial decision need to be made and a Bankruptcy Attorney must be contacted at once.

Steve F. Bliss also understands that filing for bankruptcy is a major decision, one that will have long term implications on people’s lives, he understands that during this confusing and nerve-wracking phase many people suffer at the hands of attorneys that play gimmicks and are just in for the money not the benefit of their client, but Steve guarantees:

“Lots of attorneys will tell you one thing on the telephone and another when you come into the office or hit you with hidden fees or costs that you never knew about before you walked in the door to their office. I have an excellent reputation in the community as evidenced by my A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and pride myself in being a straight shooter so you can be confident in what I tell you.”

Many 5 star ratings on Yelp Reviews back his claim.

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