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San Diego BMW Repair Specialist Cautions BMW Owners to Always Use BMW Specialist Mechanic

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- August European, an independent repair specialist for BMW and Mercedes-Benz, is warning that BMW repairs can be very costly if BMW owners try to cut corners by allowing an unauthorized and uncertified BMW mechanic to attend to their vehicles.

"There's no doubt we have BMW owners out there who have and continue to suffer from having their vehicle being repaired non-BMW specialist mechanic, and we assume that this has come about because of either ignorance or persons simply don't know how to find a specialist BMW Mechanic," says August European's crew chief of BMW mechanics, Brian Sanders.

"So, if you are the owner of a BMW then I am sure you understand the level of investment you have placed in it and we are sure you don't want to trust its upkeep, maintenance and repair to just any mechanic… a special car needs special care from specially train mechanic for such a vehicle," adds, Brian, who also a certified trainer from other high end vehicles such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Volvo.

BMW, known by the industry as not just another vehicle, but one of style and extreme luxury and one that needs best of attention, shouldn't have its repairs be entrusted to persons who don't have the requisite skill and training. And according to August European's spokesperson, high end car owners, namely owners of BMWs, shouldn't just think that their vehicles are going to run perfectly without proper care and maintenance.

When it was put to Brian that all vehicle mechanic has to meet certain training requirements before they are allowed to repair any vehicle, much less a BMW, and that there's no need to look for a BMW designated mechanic, he brushed it aside by pointing to the fact that not all motor vehicle mechanic are equal.

"In fact, if something goes wrong with your BMW, I am sure you don't want to take it to someone who doesn't know how to take care of a BMW. Would you take your sick baby to a medical doctor other than a pediatrician? Certainly, you wouldn't. And that's the point I am making here. Therefore, you definitely would want a professional to handle BMW repair for your vehicle. If you don't take it to a professional then how will you know that your car is being taken care of properly? The maintenance on this type of car and especially the repairs need to be handled by a BMW specialist," so explains Brian.

Noting how important one's BMW is, namely because it isn't only just another car but a luxury car, Brian notes further that BMW is a special breed of cars, unlike any other, do come its own unique types of problems.

As a special vehicle, a BMW needs special care and attention. For example, unlike other vehicle, a BMW needs regular specialized maintenance to optimize it's awesome performance, so the occasional maintenance done to regular vehicles will not do for the BMW, says Brian.

So, there's no two ways about it. BMW repairs can be very costly, and it can even be more incredibly costly if you don't have the specialist to do the repairs or scheduled maintenance.

"Therefore, if you take your vehicle in for regular maintenance then you won't need as many repairs. Your BMW specialist will be able to take care of any problems before they become a huge disaster. Those regular maintenance checks could be the difference between a small amounts for keeping your vehicle running great and paying a ton of money to get it back up to par," notes Brian.

A BMW specialist mechanic, according to the spokesperson, will make sure that your BMW is in good hands and that it's always running in top notch condition. "If there is ever a problem they will perform the repairs to get your vehicle running perfectly again but these repairs will be far less likely if you keep up on regular maintenance of your vehicle," the BMW repair mechanic and owner of August European in San Diego, CA.

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