San Diego Dentist Seeks to Raise Awareness of Dental Implants


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2014 -- A San Diego Dentist is raising awareness about the benefits of electing to have dental implants. Dr Fray Zerafat has chosen to speak out after the publication of some worrying statistics.

Recent statistics have shown that 69% of middle-aged US citizens have a missing or broken tooth. According to the statistics, the demographic most affected were the 35-54 year old age group, but older adults were also affected by this common dental problem.

Dr. Fray Zerafat, a San Diego Dentist, is encouraging patients to get their smile restored back to full health. Commenting on the statistics, Dr. Zerafat, a specialist in implant dentistry in San Diego, said:

“The figures are alarming. However, there are measures that patients can take if they are unhappy with their smile. Lost and broken teeth can be restored easily with dental implants.”

“A dental implant gives a completely natural look and can help restore a patient’s lost confidence.”

Once an implant has been fitted, bonded and healed it will become a natural part of the patient’s mouth, enabling them to talk, eat and smile naturally. Dental implants will also help to protect the surrounding teeth and the bone tissue, helping to promote better overall oral health.

Dr. Zerafat is a Doctor of Dental Surgery at University of California San Francisco and UCLA Implant Placement Restoration and he has many years of experience in working with patients from all walks of life; he is motivating patients that feel self-conscious about the way they look due to a lost or missing tooth to come forward and see how he can assist.

Patients that are considering this procedure but are not sure what the treatment involves or are concerned about any aspect of having a dental implant fitted are welcome to call the renowned dentist in San Diego to schedule an appointment so that Dr. Zerafat can make an assessment and explain how he can help.

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