San Diego DUI Attorney and Criminal Lawyer Michael Berg Launches His Website


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- Michael S. Berg is San Diego’s finest criminal lawyers with tons of experience under his belt. Known as ‘Super Lawyer’ and ‘The Lawyers’ Lawyer’, his accolades are no less than being dubbed San Diego’s best criminal case attorney for over 6 years. Michael handles with ease and finesse, the most grueling of cases that may be unnerving to say the least. He is sought after for his impeccable standards of professionalism and devotion to each individual client’s case and needs.

The best DUI Lawyer San Diego has produced up till now; Michael is a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law and is certified by the State Bar of California in the Board of Legal Specialization. Before hiring any lawyer to present the client’s case, Michael advises them to verify whether the attorney has a certification from the State Bar or not. There are many lawyers who are unauthorized and practice with no legal licenses therefore to avoid exploitation and scams; it is advised to always hire certified specialists in the required field of law.

The drunk driving statistics in the USA are alarming but not out of control. As of the year 2011, there are 2 statuary offenses for those driving under influence or driving while intoxicated. People resorting to drugs and alcohol consumption while driving are immediately penalized. The blood alcohol consumption of BAC is put to use to verify whether a person can be termed drunk or sober. The BAC level should not be more than 0.08. The number of fatalities caused by both items that is drugs and alcohol is almost 10,000 in one year. Alarmingly in San Diego, there almost 94 percent of fatalities taking place due to DUI or DWI. For all such cases, DUI attorney San Diego Michael S. Berg is the man of the hour. Michael resolves issues and cases and helps clients get their rights which are legally theirs.

Besides cases of drunk driving, the criminal attorney San Diego also takes care of issues involving domestic abuse, sexual crimes, white collar crimes, child abuse, the crimes involving illegal possession of weapons or drugs, federal crimes, 3 strikes law, violence against minorities and special communities, gun crimes, theft and fraud, embezzlement and so on. Michael handles both state and federal cases and is available for anyone who needs free consultation and to discuss legal issues with full confidentiality throughout the state of California. The lawyer can be contacted via landline or people can visit his Law Firm on W.A. Street, San Diego.

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