San Diego Holistic & Cosmetic Dentist Offers Two Options for Teeth Whitening


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- Holistic & Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Daniel Vinograd offers two options for teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the appearance of the teeth, though in some cases may also improve the function of the teeth. While there are a number of different cosmetic options, the first thing most people think of is teeth whitening. Not surprisingly, it is also the most popular procedure in cosmetic dentistry simply because most people have some degree of staining or discoloration. Dr. Vinograd offers at home or in office whitening methods to meet the needs of his patients.

Discoloration of teeth can have a variety of causes. Everyone knows that coffee, tea, red wine, and smoking can cause staining, as can years of poor dental hygiene habits and certain medications. But discoloration can also be a result of fluorosis, a condition that results from exposure to excess fluoride when the teeth are developing. Sometimes it is simply the result of wear on the teeth that occurs over the years.

At home tooth whitening actually requires two office visits, though the actual whitening process takes place at home. At the first visit a mold is made of the teeth. Then, custom trays are made that will ensure all surfaces of the teeth receive optimal exposure. At the second visit, adjustments are made to the trays to perfect the fit. At home, the trays are used to apply the whitening solution to the teeth. How long and how often depend on the degree of staining, but most often it is used either twice a day for thirty minutes at a time for thirty days, or overnight for two weeks. The solution used at home is not capable of whitening stains on veneers or other restorations, so they may need to be replaced or in office whitening may be required. Some tooth sensitivity may occur with at home whitening, but it is temporary and will subside after the treatment has ended.

Zoom whitening is an in office method with rapid results. With Zoom whitening, the cosmetic dentist first does a deep cleaning of the teeth, then a device is used to hold the cheeks back and maximize exposure. The gums are covered to prevent accidental exposure and a gel is painted on the teeth. The gel is exposed to a special light for 15 minutes to activate it. The gel is rinsed off the teeth and the treatment is repeated two more times. This method of teeth whitening has much faster results than at home whitening and the results tend to last longer. This method also causes less sensitivity and it is effective on restorations. This method of tooth whitening can only be done on healthy teeth. If there is any decay or other issues with the teeth, they will need to be treated before this can be used.

While there are over the counter tooth whitening options available, none of these are as safe or effective as the methods available from a cosmetic dentist.

As with any tooth whitening procedure, results will vary depending on the degree of staining. Touch ups are likely be needed every few years or so, especially if you smoke or enjoy drinks that tend to stain. You can extend your results by not smoking and limiting your consumption of beverages that stain. Your cosmetic dentist may be able to recommend a product that may also help your teeth stay white longer.

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