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San Diego Homeowners Threatened by the Increasing Number of Toxic Mold Growth


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- The Californian health department has warned San Diego homeowners to watch out for an increase attack of mold and mildew over the next few years. With the unpredictability of the weather conditions increasing with every year and the constant flood conditions especially in San Diego, the mold and mildew in the homes are here to stay. Remedial measures should be taken to make sure that public health in general in protected.

With the increasing number of rain storms and floods in and around San Diego, there is only so much that homeowners can do to make their homes moisture free. Leaky roofs and leaking pipes have added to the content of moisture. Obviously enough, San Diego homes have provided ideal growing conditions for molds. Research has pointed out that most homes show a high likeability for the growth of toxic molds that could be fatal especially to children and elderly people.

The San Diego health department announces that it is time to enforce a law to make mold inspection compulsory in all homes especially those that are rented out to tenants. The risk factor is higher when homes are left unoccupied over an extended period of time. The moisture content along with the accumulation of dirt makes it an ideal place for molds to thrive. As much as possible the moisture content in the homes should be kept at a minimal because most toxic molds thrive in excessively moist surfaces.

Homes left empty during holidays should immediately hire a Mold Testing San Diego company to make sure the air quality and home surfaces fulfill the health department quality level. Any home falling short of the standard should have a professional team of Mold testers do an extensive cleanup. Negligence in this area can lead to chronic health problems in the long run. To get supplementary information on mold testing in San Diego please visit here.

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