San Diego Hot Tubs

San Diego Hot Tubs Opens Doors to the Buying Public

Company offers expert advice, top selection, unmatched commitment to service


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- San Diego Hot Tubs, a local operation offering the top hot tub brands to consumers in the area, announced that it is open for business. Backed by a number of veterans of the hot tub industry, the venture will focus on making available a carefully curated selection of hot tubs intended to mesh perfectly with the needs and lifestyles of San Diego-area residents. As part of its launch, the company has put together a free hot tub buying guide that is available to all at its web site.

"Thanks to our wonderful climate, hot tubs have long been popular with San Diego residents," company representative Delora Leak said, "and now, in the form of San Diego Hot tubs, locals have a source of hot tubs and related information that lives up to their love of these amenities." Choosing the perfect hot tub for a home can be surprisingly complicated, since there are a wide variety of models available from a number of different manufacturers, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to their deep levels of experience, the operators of San Diego Hot Tubs feel that they can stand out above other vendors in the area by offering more useful, incisive recommendations and a selection of the best hot tubs available.

Hot tubs are appreciated by many for the relaxation they can provide. A pleasant asset in and of itself, this feature can also redound to the overall health and well-being of users, including by contributing to better sleep, lower blood pressure, and quicker recovery from exercise and exertion. The consistently pleasant climate of the San Diego area allows owners of outdoor hot tubs to make more consistent use of them than just about anywhere else in the country, a major reason for their popularity. Hot tubs can also improve the value of homes they are added to, especially in areas like southern California where they are of the greatest use, and with hot tubs San Diego homes often sell more quickly than those residences which lack them.

"For hot tub dealers San Diego has plenty to offer," Leak continued, "but there are none that deliver the kind of unbeatable service and advice that we are committed to. We at San Diego Hot Tubs are intent on beating everybody in the region in these and other ways, and confident that we will do so." With many years of experience between them, the operators of the new company took a long, dispassionate look at the state of the industry before embarking on their venture. They found that top-quality customer service was something that many hot tub buyers sought but failed to find, and they resolved that their new business would be a leader in this regard. To this end, they recruited the most knowledgeable and dedicated employees available in the area and committed to equipping them with the training and other resources they would need to deliver truly outstanding customer service.

About San Diego Hot Tubs
Founded with the mission of shaking up and leading the local hot tub market, San Diego Hot Tubs delivers the best available prices, selection, and customer service. The company's products and expert advice directly complement the lifestyles that San Diego locals so prize, and it is poised and determined to become the top source for hot tubs in the area.