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San Diego Junk Removal Provides Help for Hoarders


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, up to 5% of the world's population exhibits symptoms of clinical hoarding. Hoarding is a very serious condition as it may lead to a filthy environment, blocked access to essentials such as sinks, toilets, bathtubs, refrigerators and sinks. In Chicago, an elderly couple were buried alive and it is believed that she fell and became trapped. Her husband apparently tried to assist her and became trapped as well. Anyone who has a problem with hoarding or those who have excess clutter in the home will benefit from the help of a San Diego Junk Removal firm, according to Barrack Covert of San Diego Junk Removal.

The first step in San Diego Junk Removal is to contact the company to learn about pricing and set up an appointment. "Once a hoarder has taken this step, he or she is on the road to clearing clutter out of the home. The representative explains volume-based pricing and all prices include labor, weight and disposal fees," Mr. Covert explains. "A representative calls within one hour of the scheduled appointment time to confirm as this allows for a job that was bigger than expected, traffic jams and things of that nature. When the team arrives at the appointment, a firm price is quoted and the work begins."

The firm provides the professional laborers and the truck along with the experience needed to tackle junk removal jobs. "Often hoarders have a hard time distinguishing between items which should be kept and items which are no longer of any use. The team sorts through the items to determine which items should be recycled, which are appropriate for donation and which need to be disposed of responsibly. All work is handled by the team and non-recyclable items are disposed of at the appropriate facilities. For those items which may be recycled, the team takes care of this also," Mr. Covert goes on to say.

San Diego Junk Removal is fully licensed and insured and offers both same-day service and weekend pickup. Recycling specialists are on hand to ensure any items removed from the home or office are disposed of in an environmentally sound manner and discounts are available for those reusable items which are hauled away from the home. "Hoarders often have a difficult time getting rid of stuff. When San Diego Junk Removal is chosen to handle this process, the hoarder can feel comfortable knowing that the items are taken care of properly from start to finish. This may help to make the process a little easier," Mr. Covert declares.

About San Diego Junk Removal:
Established in 2002, San Diego Junk Removal began as a property preservation company assisting banks with REO properties. Since its inception, the company has tackled over 150,000 jobs and handles all aspects of junk removal for businesses and homes. Teams come in and remove junk, recyclables and trash no matter where it is located on the property. Whether a person has one item to be removed or many, no job is too big or too small. Staff members are clean cut, uniformed and professional in appearance and the company offers same day service. The goal is customer satisfaction while developing long business relationships with clients.