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San Diego Kids Have a New Superhero to Look Up To! FitFox - the Health & Fitness Superhero


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- In what will definitely not be an easy mission, Efrain E Guerrero, the man behind FitFox, is out to promote a healthier lifestyle among children, through daily exercise, healthier eating habits and less junk food.

Getting kids excited about anything is always a challenge, let alone something like health and fitness. FitFox, the new San Diego based Superhero, is taking it upon himself to do something about the growingly dire health and fitness state among American kids, with obesity and poor lifestyle choices growing into a serious concern. If the current indifference towards health and fitness continues to be mirrored by poor lifestyle choices, the youngest Americans are forecast not to outlive even their parents, so there is no question as to the urgency of the situation.

"I inspire and excite kids to create awesome, healthy habits like eating healthy and exercising, but it doesn't stop there. They are taught that habits are what make us who we are so it's important to be like a sponge and absorb good habits and squeeze out the bad ones" - FitFox .

Kids simply love superheroes and identify with them as fighters for good, naturally inclined to align themselves with their superheroes and also to try and emulate them. The introduction of FitFox appeals to that inner-will kids have to want to learn a better way and develop themselves as they grow.

FitFox delivers some valuable lessons in healthy eating, the importance of daily exercise and an overall improved quality of life, through the interactive FitFox Pre & K-3rd Grade classroom shows. Kids learn best when having interactive fun and there is no better way to deliver those valuable lessons than through a fun and interactive environment that is headlined by a new SUPERHERO.

In a bid to ensure the kids take what they learn beyond the 20-minute interactive classroom shows, each of the learners walks away with a FitFox goodies package that will constantly remind them of the importance of healthy living. Each learner gets a FitFox pencil, a sticker, a child-friendly cookbook and a FitFox Action Activity book filled with a wealth of health and fitness tips.

In addition to the Elementary school shows, the FitFox health and fitness promotion mission runs throughout various cities across San Diego and North County, through the Kids' Superhero Obstacle Fun Runs. This is the perfect platform to spread the health and fitness message in good faith, through which parents, teachers and the entire community can get involved.

FitFox is a community-geared initiative, driven by passion and a desire to rectify the effects of poor lifestyle choices and obesity, with no Government help and at no cost to schools. FitFox is made possible through local sponsorship and all those who believe in the FitFox mission for better health through better lifestyle choices.

About Efrain E Guerrero
Efrain E Guerrero is a Certified Personal Trainer, Children's Weight Loss & Nutrition Coach, Author and creator of Fitfox, The Kids' Health and Fitness Superhero. With over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, Guerrero realizes that it won't be an easy mission to promote daily exercise and healthy-eating among kids, but one which must be undertaken nonetheless.

That is how FitFox, the San Diego based Superhero, came into existence - to draw attention to the kids' health and fitness cause and get the kids themselves interested, in an engaging and fun way.

Media Contacts
Contact Person: Efrain Guerrero (CPT CNC)
Address: Caminito Andada San Diego Ca 92107
Mobile: 760-540-9752
Phone: (619) 361-1712