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San Diego Mold Abatement Specialist Says Check for Harmful Mold in the Home

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San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2012 -- Joe Colombo, a certified mold and mildew remediation specialist in San Diego, CA. and the owner of Gold Coast Flood Restorations has called upon Californians to start taking remedial steps to protect their health against mold and mildew.

As head of the Gold Coast Flood Restorations mold abatement and mildew remediation company, Joe points out that with the prevailing and unpredictable weather condition being experienced by Californians, especially those in San Diego, mold and mildew are commonplace everyday problems being experienced by homeowners and householders.

"With storms, rains and floods come leaky roofs and cold dank rooms and attics that can lead to molds building up and releasing their harmful spores," says Joe. "These molds release spores that are capable of setting off allergic reactions and asthmatic attacks and causing infections too," he adds.

Therefore, if persons have been experiencing any unusual weather condition that could have caused the home to be affected by mildew and mold, the Californian mold and mildew expert is advising that persons seek to determine whether they are affected or not.

"The professional way to do this is to first seek to hire a professional mold abatement and mildew remediation company to take on the task. By doing so, you are being proactive in taking steps to remove toxic spores from areas that would otherwise go unnoticed - such as attic sheathing, sub-flooring, inside the cupboards, etc.," explains Joe.

It goes without saying that for an expert assessment to be carried out to determine whether a home or building is invested with harmful mold and mildew, there are certain equipment and knowledge have got to be brought to bear on carrying out the tests in an effective and efficient way.

According to Joe, with the help of industry specific instruments and using techniques like thermal imaging, tape lifting samples, checking relative humidity, etc., a professional will inspect your home and inform you if you are in need of mold and mildew remediation. "When there is a high level of mold in your house, mold abatement focuses on eliminating the major sources," Joe notes.

However, with the help of mold and mildew remediation professionals being brought in, homeowners and property managers can have removed from their home or property a majority of the sources simply by allowing the professionals to wipe mold accumulation surfaces, cleaning up the air, treat your ventilation systems, dispose of surfaces that cannot be cleaned and apply antimicrobial treatment to reduce the chances of mold and mildew growing once again.

"In the end, you will get a clearance test, which will indicate that your house is now safe from mold and mildew", says Joe, who firmly believes a person' s home can be the incubator for a large number of mold spores, which could be risking persons and their family' s health.

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