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San Diego Natural Herb Store and Health Clinic Offers Special Medicinal Formula for the Ages

Moongazing Apothecary Releases Ancient Cure-all Mist Queen of Hungary Using Only Organic All Natural Ingredients


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/05/2016 -- There is something especially alluring about an ancient medicinal substance when its origins of are shrouded in mystery. It creates a sense of wonder around the myriad of other possible histories in addition to the already enchanting ones. One such formula is the amazing Queen of Hungary Water / Mist freshly released by and now available from Moongazing Apothecary.

Queen of Hungary has been used for centuries as an effective cure-all and for countless cosmetic uses. Although the true origin of its recipe is ultimately unknown, some say this ancient formula from eastern Europe was created for the aging Queen of Hungary to restore her youthfulness and health. Others believe that the recipe was formulated and marketed by early Gypsies as a cure-all for a myriad of medical and cosmetic uses. While there is much debate over the history of this ancient recipe, there is no doubt that Queen of Hungary's medicinal and cosmetic properties make it a practical product for modern day use.

"I personally have used it for a range of applications and always found fantastic results", shared Moongazing Apothecary owner shared owner Toni Camacho. "I have curly hair and one time when I was on vacation and forgot all my hair products – I sprayed it in my hair to prevent fizziness. Queen of Hungary caused my hair to become super soft and manageable. On the same trip, I also got bitten by an insect and the area was very swollen so I sprayed this product on the bite and – voila – it was gone in a few minutes! I have so many clients, family and friends who use it and I really believe a bottle should be in every home!"

Included among the wide array of uses Queen of Hungary offers are hair rinse, hair growth stimulation, and mouthwash. Particularly effective as a facial toner, it causes the skin to give off a brilliant, healthy, youthful glow. It can also be used as a treatment for, laryngitis, sore throat, skin disorders, scrapes, acne, itchy throat from allergies, and more. Its long lineup of all natural organic ingredients can be found on Moongazing's website.

Whatever the use for Queen of Mary may be, it is a treasure that has been passed down through the ages and stands tall as ever as a cure-all simultaneously capable of beautifying oneself as well as treating a wide range of ailments.

Queen of Hungary is available now directly from Moongazing online or in person for those in the San Diego, CA area.

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