San Diego Plastic Surgeon Creates Comprehensive Guide to Breast Augmentation

Dr. Robert Singer has designed a PowerPoint on breast augmentation which serves as a user friendly guide for his La Jolla, San Diego, CA patients.


La Jolla, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/29/2015 -- Dr. Robert Singer, world-renowned plastic surgeon in La Jolla, CA, has composed a PowerPoint guide on breast augmentation to provide his patients with easily accessible educational information on the plastic surgery procedure. Aware that many people are visual learners, Dr. Singer in in the process of building a library of visual resources to support the educational information on his website, , including easily shareable resources such as PowerPoints and infographics.. Dr. Singer has started his cosmetic surgery PowerPoint series with breast augmentation, a procedure that benefits women with breasts that are small, unequal in size, sagging due to age or smaller after pregnancy.

Themed towards Dr. Singer's brand, the PowerPoint features aesthetically pleasing and functional colors, graphics and design. The guide includes questions to ask your plastic surgeon to ensure a happy and healthy working relationship, a step-by-step overview the breast augmentation procedure including implants, recovery and risks, and includes a list of resources for higher education. Additionally, to offer an example of breast augmentation results, Dr. Singer provides Before and After Images of his own breast augmentation surgery patients to conclude the guide. Dr. Singer hopes to demonstrate her commitment to her patients and to provide information and knowledge on breast augmentation for anyone interested in the procedure.

"Your Personal Guide to Brest Augmentation" by Dr. Robert Singer will be readily available on the blog and is search engine optimized to allow all users interested in Breast Augmentation to easily find this guide online.

Dr. Singer brings years of training and hands-on experience to the PowerPoint, providing viewers with insight from a professional and internationally renowned board certified plastic surgeon.

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