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The Law Offices of David S. Chesley Continues to Break Ground in Defending the Rights of Local San Diego Residents


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/15/2011 -- The Law Offices of David S. Chesley is pleased to announce that they are continuing to make headway in defending the rights of falsely accused citizens in San Diego County. Attorney Chesley has announced that the firm will continue to accept new clients from throughout San Diego County to deal with what the firm views as overzealous police and prosecutorial actions resulting in violations of the privacy and due process rights of local San Diego residents. The San Diego criminal defense attorney and his staff of lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience in a variety of practice areas including criminal defense, DUI, personal injury, family law, divorce, bankruptcy, loan modification contract fraud and many more.

Despite the current lowered crime rates throughout the greater San Diego area, thousands of people still enter the criminal justice system on a regular basis. While the criminal justice system attempts to treat each case with impartiality, it is often the level of representation that determines the outcome of many trials. “Our lawyers know the legal system in San Diego as well as the state and federal statutes inside and out, which gives our clients a distinct edge in their defense,” said Chief Counsel and President, David S Chesley.

Recently the firm took on a major media case in which the alleged victim Miguel Rojas is a known member of a local gang, Los Diablo’s. The broadside collission case resulted in the death of Mr. Rojas, and the case has received major media attention, having been reported on in the San Diego Channel 10 news, CBS Channel 8 San Diego, Fox 5 San Diego, the North County Times, The San Diego Union Tribune, 760KFMB San Diego Talk Radio, The San Diego Immigration Policy Examiner, The India Times Website, and the Escondido Police Website, as well as being discussed and reviewed in several nationwide blog posts around the country. The defendant and client of the Law Offices of David S. Chesley in the case is Juan Carillo, and the case is being heard in North County Courthouse, Vista, CA.

On July 3, 2011 at approximately 2:15 am, Juan Carlos Carrillo was driving his 1995 Lexus ES300 eastbound on Washington Ave approaching Fig St, and had two passengers in his car at the time. The alleged victim, Miguel Rojas, was driving a 1993 Dodge Caravan and was stopped in the driveway of 715 E Washington Ave. As Carrillo approached the driveway at 715 E Washington Ave, he is alleged to have been traveling approximately 73 mph in a 35 mph zone. Rojas pulled out of the driveway onto Washington Ave in front of Carrillo and a broadside collision occurred. During the collision, Rojas’ vehicle immediately caught fire and Rojas was unable to exit the vehicle. Rojas was pronounced dead at the scene. Case of death was later determined to be head and neck trauma and smoke inhalation and burns.

Carrillo, along with his two passengers, are alleged to have ran away from the scene and were picked up by an unidentified person. The unidentified person drove passenger Francisco Carrillo to Palomar Medical Center and Juan Carrillo went home. Juan Carrillo supposedly came to the Escondido Police Department and claimed that Francisco Carrillo was actually the driver of the vehicle. However, evidence shows that Juan Carrillo later turned himself into the authorities and admitted that he was indeed the driver of the vehicle involved in the collision. Mr. Carrillo was later arrested and booked into the Vista detention Facility and charged with CVC 20001(b)(2).

Due to the charge of vehicular manslaughter Deputy District Attorney Brock Arstill has stated that Mr. Carillo faces a maximum exposure and sentence of up to 4 years in State Prison.

After the accident occurred, friends of the victim began making death threats to Mr. Carillo and he therefore fled the scene for fear of his own safety. Citing this stipulation, as well as October 2011’s reduced custody terms due to jail over-crowding, the firm is expected to successfully reduce their client’s charge with a guilty plea to California Vehicle Code section 20001(b)(2) (in essence: "Leaving the Scene of an Accident which Resulted in the Death of Another). Although Mr. Carrillo faces up to 4 years State Prison if convicted, The Law Offices of David S. Chesley will likely reduce the the original 4 year State Prison sentence for Vehicular Manslaughter to the lesser charge of Leaving the Scene of an Accident which Resulted in the Death of Another. Rather than serving the 4 years in State Prison, Mr. Carrillo is likely to serve less than 7 months in County Jail for the lesser charge.

Having a highly experienced San Diego DUI attorney is imperative for those with little understanding of the legal system. Regardless of the crime, individuals need one-on-one representation that can walk them through the legal process, evaluate the evidence for weaknesses against the defendant and conduct a thorough investigation to solidify these findings.

In addition to offices in San Diego County, the Law Offices of David S. Chesley have practice locations in Los Angeles, San Bernardino, San Diego, Riverside, and Ventura Counties staffed with highly experienced lawyers in federal, state and local criminal defense procedures. With a staff of lawyers heavily composed of former judges and senior district attorneys, the shared experience in any area of criminal law can easily be brought to bear for the best defense of the firm’s clients.

The firm’s Website allows those individuals faced with the possibility of needing legal representation to read clear and concise breakdowns on the state’s criminal law, crimes, criminal procedures, offenses and individual rights. “The Website educates people on how the system works and creates a baseline understanding of the law so that we can work together to help them navigate the process,” said a law firm representative at The Law Offices of David S Chesley’s San Diego office.

Anyone faced with any crime can call and schedule a free confidential consultation to speak with a San Diego criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of David S. Chesley. They can even send the criminal defense attorney to the individual’s location when necessary.

For more information on the firm, California state law, and a free consultation, individuals in San Diego should visit http://www.chesleylawyers.com/locations/san-diego-criminal-attorney/.

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