San Francisco Company Offers State-of-the-Art Video Solutions for Modern Businesses


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- Companies can now effectively reach their customers who are geographically spread out with the help of ArgusHD’s amazing live webcasting capabilities. With state of the art video and Internet equipment, ArgusHD can deliver high quality video experiences across different media platforms such as Smart TVs, web channels, smartphones, computers, and tablets.

ArgusHD offers a wide range of services, from video production to event management through the broadcasting service, dual screen streaming, and a lot more.

“The streaming software that ARgusHD uses is well-suited with most of today's internet browsers, eliminating the need for software plug-in installations. This means that if you want to do live webcasting in San Francisco, you can easily reach tens of thousands of viewers all at once,” says Tim K, founder and CEO of Argus HD.

The company boasts of a huge network of servers and encoders which guarantee the strength and quality of your streamed audio and video regardless of the size of your audience is. With this type of effective webcasting, you would be able to deliver your message with unmatched brilliance.

“We even have interactivity tools that can keep your online audience engaged as if they are physically present in the event”, adds Tony Argus.

ArgusHD employs only people with the right technical expertise and the most up-to-date equipment to make sure that your message can be accessed and viewed by anybody anytime. Live Webcasting is already being used by a lot of companies to be able to magnify their influence and increase their impact. They broadcast on the internet their key events and meetings to send people the message that they want to put across. Some use live webcasting to offer real-time training classes and product information to their customers and employees. They also use the technology to make live announcements and promote awareness on their events.

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