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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- San Francisco criminal lawyer Peter Fitzpatrick is currently offering free consultations for criminal defendants of all criminal charges. Peter Fitzpatrick believes that every defendant deserves an experienced, dedicated and results driven attorney. The Law office of Peter Fitzpatrick has a proven track record defending clients in San Francisco bay. The Law Office of Peter Fitzpatrick operates on the principal than no loss of freedom should be taken lightly. Likewise, Peter feels that no case should be treated as small or inconsequential, no matter what charges a person is facing. The free consultations are offered to for defendants of criminal charge to give some sense of peace of mind to the defendant, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the arrest and prosecution.

The Law Office of Peter Fitzpatrick provides defenses for both major and minor crimes and does not differentiate the approach between them. As a San Francisco criminal lawyer Peter has dealt with all manner of criminal trial, from misdemeanors and DUI to serious charges like drug trafficking and murder. Peter Fitzpatrick is committed to providing understandable information to clients as soon as possible. The Law Offices of Peter Fitzpatrick return calls and emails as often as possible. They answer questions and provide regular updates to clients. This makes the difficult legal process of a defendant far easier to cope with in most cases. The law offices of Peter Fitzpatrick are available 24/7 day or night for questions, consultations or concerns from defendants and can even arrange a discounted bail service through the firm’s contacts.

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