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San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/05/2012 -- A San Francisco locksmith performs many essential services on a routine basis, but the ones that get the most attention are performed on an emergency basis. Many people take home security for granted after locks are installed on all of the doors. The purpose of locks is usually to prevent unauthorized entry into a home or business. When the owner is locked out, the services of a locksmith San Francisco are needed in a hurry.

Cars are frequently the reason for an emergency call to a locksmith in San Francisco. A key that is locked inside or broken in the lock means that an anxious driver is unable to get into the car. New cars today depend less and less on keyed entry, but many older models still need them. Just a moment of inattention can cause a driver to need a locksmith to resolve a difficult situation.

Typical Services

Routine services provided by a locksmith San Francisco include installing locks, deadbolts and electronic devices that keep people and possessions safe. A locksmith San Francisco can repair any locking device, re-key locks and make new or duplicate keys or cards as necessary. Customers who want to replace locks in a home or business get the benefit of advice from experienced and knowledgeable locksmiths. Factors that influence decisions on a purchase of locks include the frequency of use, the level of security required, stylistic preferences and others.

Specializations in various aspects of security focus on major areas, including these:

- Electronic surveillance systems
- Access control systems

San Francisco locksmiths are called on to provide highly complex tasks on complicated devices, and the field continues to develop sophisticated equipment.

Electronic Surveillance Systems

Large and small businesses often need high levels of security to protect expensive equipment, cash or data. Burglars and thieves are always on the lookout for a way to break into a building where valuables are stored. San Francisco locksmiths install surveillance cameras that record all entry attempts.

Access Control Systems

Some locksmiths specialize in the design, installation and support of electronic access control systems. Components include a card reader, an electronic lock and an electronic controller. Most users see only the reader that is usually mounted on the door. Systems are designed to recognize codes of various kinds, and some can recognize fingerprints or eyes.

Finding a Locksmith

Access to a cell phone in an emergency situation can help someone locate a locksmith in San Francisco when a car door is locked. A computer search is an easy way to locate locksmiths in San Francisco or any other city, and descriptive information on sites can help a potential customer select a preferred service provider.

Placing an Order

Web sites often have prepared forms that allow a customer to place an order that includes a specific address where the service need exists. Others provide a telephone number where a customer can give specific requirements to a service technician -