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San Francisco Therapist Dr. Sean Sullivan Lays out 21-Day Path to Reaching Life Goals


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/17/2013 -- San Francisco therapist Dr. Sean Sullivan knows no matter their race, religion, income or status, people the world over struggle with essentially the same thing – to change. Whether they want to lose weight, overcome anxiety, better their relationships or defeat addiction, the fundamental and underlying desire for change is the same. That’s why he created the 21-Day Mind Master Program. The program applies the latest in cognitive neuroscience research to help people strategically rebuild the way their brains work and achieve their goals.

Through the program discussed at DrSeanSullivan.com, people learn to rewire their brains to stop old patterns that have held them back for years while they master their strengths and weaknesses. In doing this they learn to create new patterns that enable them to become the master of their goals – whatever they may be. The Mind Master Program is based on proven research that defining and “emotionally visualizing” a desired performance goal with clarity and intensity accelerates the process of achieving that goal.

“As a practicing psychologist, I start where it all starts: In the brain,” Dr. Sullivan writes on his website www.DrSeanSullivan.com. “By applying the latest in cognitive neuroscience research, I show my patients how to discover the roots of their personal obstacles so that they can strategically rebuild the way their brains work—instead of pushing water uphill.”

Thousands of people are benefitting from Dr. Sullivan’s 21-Day Mind Master Programs already. While more than 300 people have already enrolled in the program to master weight loss, the program can be used to achieve any goal. Other specific Mind Master Brain Training Programs include mastering happiness and mastering stress and anxiety.

About Dr. Sean Sullivan
Dr. Sean Sullivan is a Harvard educated author and clinical psychologist in San Francisco where he works with clients to address pressing emotional challenges and achieve personal goals. After finishing his post-doctoral work in Health Psychology at UCSF, Dr. Sullivan focused on teaching how to apply the principles of neuroplasticity to achieve specific life goals. He wrote 'The Mind Master’s Silent Journey,' a popular book that spawned 'The Mind Master's Map' which became the number one iPad Self Help Books app. This work grew into the flagship 21-Day Mind Master Brain Training Programs. For more information, visit: http://www.drseansullivan.com

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