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San Francisco Unlawful Detainer Help Available for Those in Eviction Distress


Los angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2013 -- Increasing numbers of tenants undergoing eviction procedures are turning to a lesser-known 866 process in order to buy time to mount the better prepared answer to an unlawful detainer complaint brought against them, announced observers of the San Francisco residential scene. Experts representing law firms and other tenant services report this is a growing trend that will help properly resolve a landlord-tenant dispute, and bring closure to the dispute in a manner that does not unfairly pressure tenants nor negatively impact their well-being.

The current practice in San Francisco are known to be protective of the interests of tenants from abusive eviction practices from unlawful detainer proceedings, to aggressive use of the Ellis Act (a law permitting landlords to remove a property off the rental market, effectively forcing out tenants). Avoiding an unfair summons can be as simple as responding to the complaint through a knowledgeable use of the 866 and associated methods, experts say, which may often delay the proceedings long enough to result in the tenants finding a way to get back on their feet financially in order to pay the arrears.

Landlord groups reply the actions are also needed due to violations of the lease by tenants such as sharing apartments, and may come at the cost of clouding the title (in the case of Ellis) or involving the court system in their property for months or years. Tenant supporters reply the tactics are trying to get around the rent control laws and other tenant protections. "If you are evicted today in San Francisco, given the outrageous rental costs and purchase prices of homes, you will most likely be forced to leave the city," states Supervisor David Campos, adding "we must act to ensure that more than just the ultra rich can live here."

According to the pro-tenant organizations, use of 866 can give tenants in  San Francisco unlawful detainer help by deterring eviction actions long enough to sort out the details of the situation. The court and agencies will be able to check if the landlord has provided the tenant with money to cover such things as moving expenses, or a down payment on the next home. The case may also be examined to confirm whether discrimination is a cause of the eviction, or if it is happening despite repairs being performed. Observers predict the use of 866 will be increasingly utilized in San Francisco due to these issues.


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